So you’ve got an ecommerce platform, whether that’s Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify or another alternative. It runs your website, showing your products in categories, checking voucher codes and allowing users to pay for their purchases. Perhaps you’re looking into investing in an ERP system or just need something a little more sophisticated to take care of your purchasing, invoices and inventory at the back end. An integration solution links the two, allowing your business to run smoothly from end to end, helping you solve problems before they arise, removing unnecessary overhead and giving a more accurate insight into the state of your business. When your whole end-to-end system works seamlessly together, you can almost leave it to run in the background – giving you more time to focus on what’s important to you. The next step is choosing an integration solution, so we’ve compiled four of our most recommended packages to kickstart your initial research.


Tinx-IT provides A Magento Connector for Dynamics NAV, allowing you to manage your data in a single place so you always have up-to-date insight into your offline and online activities. The solution also includes a Product Information Management (PIM) tool within NAV to enrich product data with useful information for the webshop. The Magento Connector from Tinx-IT has been developed within the NAV environment and is ready for Magento 2.0.

NP Retail & NP Ecommerce by NaviPartner

NP Retail is a future-proof POS system, fully integrated with Dynamics NAV. The solution comes with responsive design perfect for touch PCs, tablets and smartphones.

NP Ecommerce is a web store solution built on Magento that automates processes such as bookkeeping, inventory control and financial management. The solution provides a wide range of add-ons to create the online store that matches your needs exactly. Enjoy a 30 day free trial of the solution, with full access to all the features and a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics NAV account.


Whether you’re running Amazon Marketplace, eBay or a standalone web shop, NAVconnect is the universal, certified expansion of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for multi-channel ecommerce. The solution integrates not only with web shops on Magento or Shopware, but the same solution also integrates with Amazon and eBay. NAVconnect also readily integrates with PayPal and DHL, though this would not be very difficult to implement with other integration solutions.

MySydeShop by Dynamic Commerce

Professional Webshop Software driven by Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide a comprehensive and successful ecommerce solution. This solution is optimised for B2B or B2C with unlimited multishop capabilities. While it may provide better integration, MySydeShop doesn’t harness the flexibility of working with a popular community platform such as Magento.


If you need more help, Mercurius IT can offer free, no-obligation expert advice on ecommerce integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Between us, we hold a breadth of knowledge and experience on this topic and any recommendations we do give regarding integration solutions is completely impartial. We can also often arrange demos of solutions on request.