EDI for Third Party Logistics

Exchange data electronically with latest EDI technology

to implement process automation

In 3PL industry, every day a lot of data is being exchanged bi-directionally with customers, vendors, and other business partners. To avoid any human errors and delays, its essential to automate the business process by implementing an EDI integration. Does your customer demand for latest EDI technology? Are you not able to manage increasing transactional volume? OR Are you spending a lot of efforts and cost with your existing EDI platform?  

Get started with Boltrics DataHub, a latest EDI technology which supports almost all types of EDI integration. Build an EDI integration with your business partners to implement a process automation and eliminate human errors, delays and customer complains. 


Kata Tutor DATA ANALYST, Multipanel

“Insight Dashboard – a tool for every user

We felt that standard NAV dashboard didn’t give us the flexibility to set up alerts for our priority projects, so we welcomed Mercurius team’s new solution, with great expectations.

Our requirements were rather specific: the new tool needed to be able to work alongside with standard NAV dashboard, we needed email alerts and traffic light system. The tool is simple enough for any users to create custom dashboard items for themselves, at the same time clever enough to provide the required information summarised for first glance or by clicking in it, in details.

Especially likeable is the design of the icons; they are customisable by colour, photo, size and trigger effects. This is a great tool to focus on campaigns, new products, or financial figures. Every single department can utilise the Insight Dashboard from Mercurius IT”

Explore the benefits of lates EDI technology

Boltrics DataHub EDI platform ensures smooth and easy data integration, helps to eliminate the manual data entry, human errors, delays in business process. With DataHub EDI platform you can fully automate your business processes by exchanging the data digitally, such as customer order, order confirmation, goods receipt confirmation, shipment confirmation, sales invoice, stock data. 

Integrate with your accounting software 

Are you using external financial accounting software? And still keying in sales invoices manually?  Integrate 3PL Dynamics with external accounting software using inbuilt DataHub EDI connector. This ensures that sales invoice data such as, customer, site, charges, ledger account, financial dimensions, amount, VAT amount are integrated with external accounting software smoothly in the background without any human intervention. 

1. Always up to date with the latest technology

We make sure the connections are updated with each update, and new items are added generically. Ensuring you can always use the latest interface. 

 2. A secure environment with Microsoft Azure 

The solution is available in the secure cloud environment of Microsoft Azure. As a result, both your organization can benefit – but also your clients 

3. Connect servers and technology 

The solution works across borders and allows different systems to communicate effortlessly. Regardless of the underlying technology or on which server your solution runs. A future-proof platform that works as a hub to which you can connect all your clients. 

4. Avoid unnecessary costs and pay according to use 

Simply select the subscription with the expected number of transactions and pay one amount per month. Toggle it on and off when the number of transactions changes. 

How EDI can Help You

Webinar: Collaborate with EDI

About 3PL Dynamics

A flexible software solution

3PL Dynamics is modular so you can incorporate all your primary business processes into a single software solution or select one specific module.

Built on Business Central

Since 3PL Dynamics is built directly on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can cover your financials, sales, customer service, HR, and much more. All warehouse activities per customer are registered and invoiced easily.

With insight from over 200 logistics service providers

The solution has been specifically developed for logistics service providers with input from the entire industry. It is always up-to-date, and can be deployed via on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Why choose Mercurius IT?

By working with Boltrics, we’ve gained insight into the processes and challenges of third-party logistics, enabling us to work closely with you to provide a flexible solution developed specifically for logistics service providers. With Boltrics 3PL Dynamics and Business Central, you can run your business more effectively in today’s competitive environment.

Most recently in the UK, we have been working with Jenkins, HSH, and Lineage. They now also work with the branch standard used by over 200 customers worldwide.

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