Construction & Utilities Industry

Mitigate risk and protect profit

The challenges you face

Hundreds of businesses across gas mains replacement, iron mains replacement and water pipe replacement are united against one key challenge on a daily basis. Where teams work remotely from the head office, it becomes increasingly difficult to mitigate project risk and protect profit margins.

Stakeholders are under pressure to quickly understand the status of all active jobs yet struggle to access timely updates from operational crews.

Planners need to rapidly create and edit plans as issues arise, but find it difficult to combine crew run rates, lead times and forecast accuracy from similar jobs to make the best scheduling decisions under pressure. This can result in project overrun and late fees from local authorities.

All too often, crew supervisors spend unnecessary time visiting on-plan jobs while neglecting those that should be prioritised. Without full visibility, some supervisors become overloaded while others in the same geographical area hold spare capacity.

Systems professionals struggle to find workarounds for disparate systems, often employing up to 10 applications to manage the project process, including Excel spreadsheets.

Your watchwords are:

  • Project automation
  • Visual scheduling
  • Lead time
  • Forecast accuracy
  • ABC classification
  • Rolling horizon planning
  • New Roads and Streetworks Act compliance

In addition, you may need hours/labour accounting and time/expense functionality and so the list can go on.

Mercurius’ industry experience

By harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics in conjunction with Pulse Planning, JDT Utilities were able to completely transform their supply chain. They now enjoy reduced downtime and risk and full visibility of all project statuses in real-time.

We have developed a detailed understanding of the Construction & Utilities industry and an industry-tailored solution based on market-leading Microsoft technologies, providing the functionality you need to run a successful business in today’s competitive environment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A market leading, growth enabling Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for SMBs.

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Customer Testimonials

Pulse Planning lets everyone see all the live projects alongside their statuses and feedback directly from the operational teams and managers, which helps my Directors and I to reduce downtime and risk.

Jason Helas

CEO, JDT Utilities Limited

I am going to use the operational activity plans from Pulse as a basis for my financial plans and forecasts.  I plan to use Pulse to calculate income and direct costs in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as it gives one version of the truth across the entire business planning cycle.

Ajay Nuseibeh

Financial Director, JDT Utilities Limited