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Considering the leap from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Our tailored migration assessment is your key to a seamless transition to the cloud. Discover the potential benefits, mitigate risks, and confidently plan your move with expert guidance from Mercurius IT.

In the current landscape where cloud-based software is the go-to choice for businesses, Business Central provides the scalability, flexibility, and security needed to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive environment.

Explore our Dynamics GP to Business Central migration assessment and gain a comprehensive understanding of the necessary steps required to successfully migrate your organisation to the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Facing challenges with your Dynamics GP system?

Outdated Technology

Limited Scalability

Integration Issues

Lack of accessibility

High maintenance costs

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Upgrading your ERP system is essential for maintaining competitiveness and efficiency in today’s business environment. By embracing the latest technology, you can streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance decision-making. Upgrading also ensures that your system remains secure and compliant with evolving regulations, safeguarding your sensitive business data.

With Microsoft announcing that new licenses of Dynamics GP will no longer be sold after April 2026, the strategic shift towards cloud-based solutions is evident. Embrace ERP in the cloud to pave the way for long-term success and growth, giving your business a competitive edge.

Why Migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Whilst Dynamics GP is dependable solution for many organisations, it is starting to feel outdated when compared to Business Central. Some key benefits you can expect from upgrading to Business Central include:

Dynamics 365 business central
microsoft-365-business-central implementation

Top 10 Benefits of Migrating from Dynamics GP to D365 BC

Cloud-Based Advantage

Anytime, anywhere access, enhanced mobility, real-time collaboration, and reduced dependence on on-premises infrastructure.

Seamless Updates

Automatic and seamless updates to the latest features, security patches, and improvements without disrupting operations.

Modern User Interface

A modern and intuitive user interface enhances productivity and reduces the learning curve for new users.

Analytics and AI

Leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for deeper insights, informed decision-making, and task automation.


Seamless integration with Microsoft/Dynamics 365 applications fosters a connected and collaborative work environment.

Scalability for Growth

Designed for scalability, Business Central adapts to the evolving needs of small businesses and growing enterprises.


The subscription-based pricing model often proves more cost-effective than perpetual licensing, offering predictable monthly costs and efficient resource allocation.

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay ahead in an ever-changing business landscape by leveraging emerging technologies.

Simplified Customisation

Customisation is simplified with a modern extension model, allowing tailored adjustments without compromising stability.

Support and Innovation

Microsoft’s commitment to continuous updates and innovations ensures long-term viability.

Looking for the perfect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Partner?

Why choose Mercurius IT?

Migrating your ERP system is a significant undertaking, and a reputable partner is crucial for success. At Mercurius IT we want to ensure a smooth transition as you migrate to Business Central. As a Gold Microsoft partner with almost 20 years’ experience supporting businesses with their ERP solutions, we’re a safe pair of hands to ensure your migration goes successfully.

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6 Steps for A Successful Migration

Initial Analysis and Planning

Embark on your cloud migration by conducting an in-depth analysis of your current Dynamics GP environment, including data structures, system configurations, and existing customisations. Engage with key stakeholders to understand expectations and gather insights. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your current setup, this sets the foundation for a smooth transition, providing guidelines tailored to your business processes.

Data Cleansing

Data is the backbone of any business system. Perform a meticulous assessment to identify any inconsistencies, inaccuracies, or redundancies. Data cleansing activities are undertaken to rectify any issues and ensure that your data is clean, accurate, and ready for migration. This step is crucial to mitigate any potential data-related challenges during the transition.

Customisation and Workflow Review

Explore the nuances between Dynamics GP and Business Central. Evaluate any existing customisations, third-party integrations, and workflows in your existing system. Understand how these elements translate between the solutions and identify opportunities for improvement or optimisation. This stage ensures a seamless alignment of your business processes with the capabilities of Business Central.

Migration roadmap and Risk Mitigation

Develop a detailed migration roadmap based on the previous analysis. This phased approach outlines the specific steps for successful data, customisation, and workflow migration. Simultaneously, conduct a risk assessment to proactively address challenges, ensuring a well-managed migration process.

Training and consultation

Ensure that your team are familiarised and confident with the new system through personalised training sessions. This includes guidance on how to adapt existing workflows to the new system. Expert consultation addresses concerns, ensuring your team is well-prepared and confident in navigating the new environment.

Post-migration support

Your journey extends beyond migration. Our dedicated support team will be there to promptly address any post-migration issues or questions that may arise after the migration is complete.  Ongoing assistance ensures a smooth transition, maximising the benefits of Business Central for your organisation.

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Mercurius IT provided very competitive onshore and offshore rates for our Dynamics NAV implementation. In addition, they demonstrated flexibility and resourcefulness to meet our short implementation deadline successfully. Their functional consultants possess a high level of expertise in the product and were willing to go the extra mile to handhold our Finance team during the implementation. 

Ihsan Aljafri


The upgrade of NAV went perfectly thanks to the support of the Mercurius IT team present on our site. The numerous tests and various problems were resolved quickly in accordance with the announced schedule. 

Francois Dureau

PLANT MANAGER, Survitec SAS Chevanceaux

Not only did Mercurius beat our existing partner’s quote by a significant margin, they did it at a fixed price – removing our commercial risk. 

In the end, they guided us carefully through the process and also implemented some great improvements to our business using the new features. 

Nicholas Newitt

DIRECTOR, Newitts & Co. Ltd.

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