Freight Forwarding Management System

Handle all customs, air, sea, and road freight activities

Get insight into your business processes, keep costs low, and respond effortlessly to customer questions: All this is possible with the Freight Management Software (FMS) from Boltrics.

The challenges you face

Our Freight Forwarding software is the ultimate software solution for handling air freight, sea freight, road freight and customs activities; you administrate the procurement and sale of transport services (forwarders); from planning down to invoice. The customs module also lets you easily integrate with customs in the UK.

Key challanges are:

  • Ensuring you have the required export and import documents.
  • Customers require 24/7 insight into orders, invoices, shipments and more.
  • Registering all relevant data on airfreight shipments.
  • Using a complicated process with multiple systems to run all back-end operations.
  • Exchanging data between cross-dock warehouses and trucks.


VCK Logistics

“With 3PL Dynamics, we can easily realize interfaces with 3rd parties and it enables us to support our air freight specific processes.

In addition, the same solution also houses our warehouse and transport activities, which makes it possible to integrate all process in one solution, enter data only once, and gain with our management information a complete overview of all our activities at a glance.”

Manage freight effectively with 3PL Dynamics

3PL Dynamics is the ultimate software solution for handling air freight, sea freight, road freight and customs activities. You administrate the procurement and sale of transport services (forwarders); from planning down to invoice. Be it a single transport order or a set of groupage requests; you have constant oversight into your performance levels.

Are you curious about the possibilities and ease of use? Please watch this video.

Gain the functionality you require

3PL Dynamics offers key functionalities for freight management which can be expanded upon with various modules.

RF-Scanning | Customs: Warehouse & Declaration | Value Added Logistics | Weight Syncing | Cross-docking | Quality Control | Cycle Counting | Emballage | Freight Forwarding | Carrier Integration (Transsmart) | Web Portal | Management Reports

About 3PL Dynamics

A flexible software solution

3PL Dynamics is modular so you can incorporate all your primary business processes into a single software solution or select one specific module.

Built on Business Central

Since 3PL Dynamics is built directly on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can cover your financials, sales, customer service, HR, and much more. All warehouse activities per customer are registered and invoiced easily.

With insight from over 200 logistics service providers

The solution has been specifically developed for logistics service providers with input from the entire industry. It is always up-to-date, and can be deployed via on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Estron Group

“Having chosen 3PL Dynamics it’s possible for Estron to register and support all warehouse processes, such as goods in, goods out, storage, production process, cross-docking, order picking, goods blockading, invoicing and reporting.

The processes are fully supported with RF scanners.”

Automatic processing of purchase invoices

The logistics and financial activities are both covered. You can directly match incoming invoices to the agreements made earlier on in the logistics process, helping to keep errors to a minimum and thus increasing your margin.

If you prefer, this process can be entirely automated using our Document Capture module that digitally saves all your documents, and purchase invoices are automatically created and matched.

Deal with customs easily

The forwarding of goods demands expertise and a single system that supports all customs flows. That is why this FMS software offers comprehensive customs functionality. Automated declarations, and automated corresponding documentation; whilst you retain continuous insight into the customs process.

Why choose Mercurius IT?

By working with Boltrics, we’ve gained insight into the processes and challenges of third-party logistics, enabling us to work closely with you to provide a flexible solution developed specifically for logistics service providers. With Boltrics 3PL Dynamics and Business Central, you can run your business more effectively in today’s competitive environment.

Most recently in the UK, we have been working with Jenkins, HSH, and Lineage. They now also work with the branch standard used by over 200 customers worldwide.

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