Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Field Service

Master the service call

Master the service call with smarter capabilities – from optimised scheduling to predictive maintenance.

Increase customer satisfaction with intelligent scheduling, native mobile support and remote asset monitoring to help you get the job done right the first time.

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is an intelligent solution that controls all aspects of field service operations, reducing service costs and ensuring great customer service is provided with every project. Easily manage a large mobile workforce and keep track of service locations, schedules, resources, inventory, billing and more.

Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities

  • Accurate Billing – Apply different billing rates for different types of work and materials. Ensure that services and billing conform to warranty stipulations.
  • Asset Management – Classify assets with barcodes or serial numbers and track asset location, repair history and maintenance needs.
  • Service Forecasting – Track warranties against assets and provide field staff with visibility into terms and expiration dates.
  • SLA Management – Manage terms and conditions and automate the renewal of contracts and Service Level Agreements.
  • Optimised Workload – Identify and organise available resources by category to intelligently balance workloads and resources.
  • Send the Best Technician – Match the skill sets of technicians to the requirements of work orders.
  • Intelligent Scheduling – Understand geography, availability, truck inventory, regulatory requirements, customer preferences and service level agreements.
  • Resource Reallocation – Easily reallocate resources and optimise schedules in response to emergency situations or changes throughout the day.
  • Scheduling Options – Multiple scheduling options from a drag-and-drop schedule board to fully automated and optimised scheduling.
  • Part Allocation – Improve first-time fix rates with accurate allocation of parts.
  • Remote Access – Provide mobile access to inventory and parts information.
  • Part Management – Manage inventory information for part transaction such as return material authorisations (RMAs), stock adjustments or stock transfers.
  • Reduce Write-offs – Track service stock accurately at mobile and fixed locations to reduce write-offs.
  • Automatic Updates – Adjust inventory records automatically based on field use or en route purchasing
  • Inventory Forecasting – Effectively forecast material requirements.
  • Part Replenishment – Take advantage of bulk and just-in-time ordering.
  • Case Information – Easily update work orders and access all relevant case and customer information as well as recommended steps for repair.
  • Work Order Instructions – Maintain consistency of work performed with step-by-step checklists.
  • Applications – Native mobile applications for any device provide real-time and offline data.
  • Customer Feedback – Launch and complete customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Reduce Travel Time – Direct technicians on the best route with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Up-to-date Information – Technicians can update their status to travelling, working, or on a break, ensuring full visibility.
  • Work Order Completion – Take and store photographs of work and capture client signatures, generate invoices and collect payment.
  • Connected Field Service – A simple to configure experience means newly installed and existing customer assets can be easily connected from within Field Service.
  • IoT Anomaly Detection – Identify and fix problems before customers are aware of them, using IoT sensors to report anomalies and send alerts.
  • Maintenance – Machine learning capabilities allow Field Service to predict when a device needs attention and solve issues before failure with automatically initiated, multilayered troubleshooting.
  • Predictive Maintenance – Perform “just-in-time” preventative maintenance by understanding actual consumption instead of a time-based preventative schedule.
  • Customer Portal – Customers can track upcoming service appointments and view completed and open cases through the web portal.
  • Real-Time Visibility – Integration with Glympse keeps customers informed of the technician’s arrival time and provides the technician’s photo and vehicle information.
  • Stay Informed – Customers automatically receive text messages and phone calls to keep them informed at every stage of service.
  • Performance Management – Track performance with interactive graphical scorecards and dashboards.
  • Self-service Reporting – Out-of-the-box reports provide businesses with user-friendly tools for custom reporting.
  • Drill-down Analysis – See detailed transaction level data to assess specific issues.
  • Predictive Analysis – Sophisticated predictive analysis, segmentation and recommendation algorithms.
  • Visualisation – Stunning graphic representations of real-time business insights that can be modified in a few clicks.

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