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Earn customers for life with personalised experiences and world-class service across every channel. Build customer loyalty by providing a consistent and meaningful service. Empower employees with an end-to-end solution providing personalised suggestions and relevant data at every engagement.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps unify the way you engage with customers and provide meaningful service at every interaction to meet their rising expectations.

Learn more about your customers through every contact and provide them with additional service options.

Access to a knowledge base helps customers answer their own questions, with agents just a phone call away if extra help is required.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Capabilities

  • 360◦ View of the Customer – Get a complete view of all your customers, including a full history of interactions, user preferences and relevant customer information from third-party applications.
  • Shared Experiences – Complete customer information shared across channels and interactions to ensure a consistent experience.
  • Real-Time Insights – Agents are presented with real-time insights, SLA timers and entitlements so that every interaction is personalised and contextual.
  • Case Routing – Machine learning detects social post sentiment and intent to automatically create and route as cases
  • Survey Designer – Use a drag-and-drop interface, theme editor and rich design logic to easily create personalised surveys with multiple delivery mechanisms.
  • Encourage Self-Service – Intuitive navigation with case deflection capabilities, community discussion forums and a blog platform.
  • Relevant Results – Optional federated search returns results from any combination of relevant knowledge articles, social posts and blogs.
  • Mobility – Responsive design optimised for mobile devices.
  • Optimised Customer Access – Seamless transition between self and assisted support.
  • Customer Entities – Admins can create custom entities with easy to use tools and a rich set of SDKs enable developers to easily build apps.
  • Security – Portals leverage CRM authentication, security, user roles and rights and either local authentication or federated authentication through a variety of providers.
  • Know the Next Best Step – A dynamic interface optimised to drive the next best action and contextually serve up tools, guidance and data to agents throughout the interaction, including information and assets from third-party applications.
  • Solve Cases Faster – Topical analysis and machine learning scenarios surface relevant knowledge articles and related cases to help agents solve cases faster and improve first-time resolution rates.
  • Improve Efficiency – Boost productivity with business processes and workflow, integrated knowledge, SLAs, agent scripting, entitlements and recommendations.
  • Avoid Escalation – Speed resolution and avoid escalations by using collaboration tools to connect agents with peers and subject matter experts across internal and external teams.
  • Guidance – Provide context-sensitive guidance to help new users navigate the application and perform tasks specific to their role.
  • Gamification – Reward optimal behaviours with gamification to improve performance and increase productivity.
  • Case Management – Take the service directly to the customer any time it cannot be managed through other channels. A single platform for customer and field service covers everything from case management through to work order completion.
  • Quick Create – With Quick Create functionality, SMEs and agents can create content on the fly to be routed into the approval window.
  • Knowledge Base – Build your knowledge base with community-sourced knowledge enrichment scenarios.
  • Quality Content – Mobile optimised knowledge articles can use rich media, such as images and videos, to improve first-time resolution rates.
  • Up-To-Date Content – Articles can be scheduled for periodic review or expiration to ensure content is always current. End users can also provide feedback by rating content.
  • Discoverability – Improve search and discoverability by associating knowledge articles with products, customer entitlements and other customer or account data.
  • Improvements – Knowledge analytics drive article efficiency and identify potential areas for adjustments and augmentation.
  • Data Visualisation – Role-tailored dashboards present real-time and historical data through a visual user interface.
  • Deep Insights – Drill down into data with interactive charts, including data from third-party applications for deeper insights, analysis and exploration.
  • Q&A – Use natural language capabilities to instantly render new reports and visualisations.
  • Identify Opportunities – Use service intelligence to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, explore what-if scenarios, improve service metrics and identify best practices.
  • Personalisation – Report on custom KPIs and metrics tuned specifically to your business.

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