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Our Intellectual Property (IP) Solutions

We have developed our own extensions, specially designed to suit a range of industries and business processes. These solutions enable customers to gain the full benefits of Microsoft products and overcome unique challenges.

Purchase Requisition

Purchase Requisition

The Purchase Requisition Module offered by Mercurius IP seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central, enhancing its functionality.

This module empowers businesses to create and manage purchase requisitions efficiently, simplifying the procurement process and ensuring better internal control.  

Insight Hub

Insight Hub

Insight Hub is a user-configurable dashboard solution which allows them to create their personalised view. It caters for their need to manage daily tasks with greater efficiency.

It allows the user to narrow down to the significant data points which require immediate attention and emphasise it using different colours.

Vend LightSpeed POS - Mercurius IT

LightSpeed Connector

LightSpeed is a leading online POS system which helps retailers and restaurateurs bring the best experience to their customers with powerful point-of-sale software. 

They provide a One-stop commerce platform that simplifies, scales, and delivers exceptional customer service to merchants worldwide.

CIS Module Hero

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Module

Under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), contractors deduct money from a subcontractor’s payments and pass it to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Find out how our solution automates this process and provides a clear workflow for the contractors, creating an efficient framework to manage the CIS.

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Freight Invoice Management Module

Find out how our solution makes freight invoicing more automated, organised, and provides greater information overall.

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Goods Return Authorisation (GRA) Module

Customers return goods for a variety of reasons, requiring documents to be changed. Find out how our solution creates goods return and replacement documents in a more automated way.

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Plant Maintenance Management Module

Find out how our solution increases overall efficiency of plant maintenance, enabling maintenance schedules to be planned more easily with more information available surrounding maintenance tasks and spare parts.

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Quality Control Module

Find out how our solution makes quality control more efficient by registering quality measures and determining the result of quality tests for all types of incoming (materials) transactions.

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Sales Forecast Calculation Module

Find out how our solution improves the accuracy of sales forecast calculation as well as defining customer specific information.

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Shop Floor Time Collection (SFTC) Module

In the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to accurately record production output and material consumption. One factor of recording output is time collection for production operations on the shop floor. Find out how our solution collects shop floor time in a more automated way, eliminating manual tasks.

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Virtual Warehouse Module

Find out how our solution increases the overall efficiency of warehouse management through a virtual view of warehouse layout and racks, making rack storage management far easier.

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TailorMade Module

Pressure is on the whole fashion supply chain from textile manufacturers to point-of-sale, making manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and e-retailers more reliant than ever on accurate information to streamline their operations.

Find out how our solution simplifies Product Data Management (PDM) and accelerates the creation of Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Bills of Material.