Grow your E-Commerce Business with the 4 Pillars!

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From a single click to their doorstep, people want everything conveniently delivered. Advances in technology have caused e-commerce to grow rapidly, especially over the last year when most businesses have moved online.

With so many competitors online, how does your e-commerce business succeed?

One of the crucial steps is ensuring you have the right supply chain and planning to manage all customer demands. To do this, you need a robust back-office system. If a company has isolated systems, they need to make sure these systems speak to each other seamlessly.

Whereas, with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, you can avoid all those complex integrations and frequent disruptions of information flow.

An effective ERP system streamlines business processes and effortlessly enables information flow across business areas without any complex integration required. With an ERP, staying organized means you can satisfy customers more efficiently, leading to greater profits and savings.

Every e-commerce business stands on 4 pillars:
Profitability, Productivity, Payment, and Personalisation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers all 4 aspects, making it a right fit for your business. This comprehensive ERP solution enhances business capabilities so you can overcome challenges unique to e-commerce.

  • For Productivity and Payment, Business Central is able to interact or interchange data with API or webservices.
  • Business Central offers some advanced tools which capture all e-commerce related information in the backend and later conveniently redirects all data to the Finance system.
  • Staff do not require technical skills to access the data, so you can easily bring people and processes together.

On top of this, Business Central has evolved with time and enhanced its capabilities to the next level, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

  • Smoothly align the e-commerce portal with your pricing and product configuration.
  • Personalisation is quick and easy, making this a customizable solution for your business.
  • Business Central securely stores customer details in the backend for future use.

At Mercurius IT, we have helped e-commerce businesses grow exponentially with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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A blog by Kavita Yadav (edited by Scott McKenzie)

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