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The challenges you face

You are continuously looking to improve the efficiency with which you can deliver your services. Driven to increase Customer satisfaction you will be focused on maintaining your profitability whilst under pressure to reduce your prices at the same time as your cost base is under pressure. And, you will be doing this whilst managing multiple business and project risks in the context of changing regulation. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of your business and service delivery, controlling your costs and maximising resource utilisation are key to your business. You may also be looking at new business models based on collaboration and partnering for more complex projects and services which require tight management of information and scope coupled with commercial agreements and risk.

Critical areas of interest will include:

  • Cost management to deal with pressures from rising costs and tighter margins
  • Use of software enabled services through technology led innovations which help tackle skills gap and boost worker productivity
  • Opportunities to growth through exporting services overseas
  • Outsourcing of government services and direct business to business contracts

Your watchwords are:

  • Process automation including upstream and downstream integration
  • Time tracking and productivity analysis
  • Resource management and cost control
  • Collaboration and partnering
  • Project pricing and margin reporting
  • Pipeline, order book and sales analysis
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics are also likely to be very important to you to support continuous improvement in business efficiency and to identify and track changes in demand.

Mercurius’ industry specific experience

We have worked in the Services industry for many years having implemented a range of back-office and direct service delivery solutions to customers working in both the business to business and government contract markets. Our solutions have helped manage cost pressures by significantly improving both direct and indirect staff productivity and improved quality and customer satisfaction.

Functionality you need

You will require excellence in your back office systems and processes to maximise utilization of our resources and balance demand with throughput to achieve the highest levels of productivity. You will also require best in class delivery solutions for the services you provide – whether these be pure consulting right through to end-to-end integrated and turnkey solutions and business process outsourcing. Based on market-leading Microsoft or SAP platforms our solutions are optimised for your business and services portfolio, ensuring you get the very best return on your investment.

Customer Story - Extended Enterprise Automation

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

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Working with Mercurius really helped us minimise our costs by maximising reuse.

Their solution has provided us with a scalable and adaptable approach for the future, integrated with our business process management and back office systems it has improved productivity; ultimately helping our bottom line.

Tom Skalycz

Enterprise Architect, PeoplePlus (formerly A4e)