Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Marketing

Unify sales and marketing to connect customer experiences.

Unify sales and marketing to transform customer experiences at every interaction. Make smarter decisions and deliver a unified customer journey by bringing all your marketing content, data and processes together with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to create a personalised customer experience throughout the entire buyer’s journey. Use configurable templates and tools to run multi-channel marketing campaigns to attract leads. Prioritise and track leads throughout their journey with automated workflows between marketing and sales, providing one source of information to deliver consistent results and close deals faster.

Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities

  • Email Marketing – Easily create professional emails with personalised messages and deliver campaigns at the perfect time to engage with your leads.
  • Landing Pages – Create and publish professional-looking landing pages to attract and capture website visitors as either contacts or leads.
  • LinkedIn Integration – Use LinkedIn’s social platform to target the right audience and generate high-quality leads that build new, profitable relationships.
  • Lead Nurturing – Get a 360◦ view of every lead and monitor every touchpoint with contacts in real-time.
  • Lead Scoring – Identify your best leads and enable teams to focus on high-value prospects with a flexible lead scoring model based on campaign behaviour.
  • Segmentation – Segment audience lists by demographic, vertical, geography, interests or behaviours and match your content to your customers’ interests to drive conversions.
  • Notifications and Alerts – Track customer behaviour in real time and automatically get notifications the moment leads or customers
    respond to your marketing campaigns.
  • Align Marketing and Sales – Securely connect and align your customer-facing teams using shared processes and a single source of customer information.
  • Integration with Webinar Providers – Get your event up and running quickly with ON24, a Dynamics 365 webinar partner. Use preconfigured dashboards to have a broad overview of your event-planning activities and the overall results.
  • Event Portal – Create a consistent and streamlined registration process to improve attendance and overall event experience.
  • Attendance Tracking – Gain insight into event sessions with real-time visibility into attendees’ behaviour at events and webinars.
  • Email Templates – Choose from the selection of sample templates plus tools to help you create emails that get clicks.
  • Landing Page Templates – Launch engaging and effective landing pages quickly with page templates and ready-to-use forms.
  • Campaign Designer – Improve organisation and team alignment by centralising all campaign information and tasks into a single location for fast decision-making. Get a 360◦ view of how your campaigns are delivering against engagement and conversion goals.
  • Surveys – Easily create surveys to gather actionable feedback from customers to understand individual needs and expectations in more depth.
  • Dashboards and Reports – Maximise marketing ROI with configurable dashboards and reports to track campaign performance and identify the lead sources and marketing channels delivering superior results.
  • Marketing Analysis – Power BI integration with several pre-built content packs, providing insights and analytics across the sales and marketing process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing overview

Discover the features and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.


Personalize customer experiences with AI and analytics

Monitor customer journeys and channel KPIs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing

Enjoy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing across any of our three bundles and add Team Member licenses at £6 per user/month.

Do it yourself
Per month for 10K contacts
Minimum 12-month contract.
Full user license
Cloud hosting
Basic installation
Basic training
Tailored processes
Custom reports
Install and go
Per month for 10K contacts
Minimum 12-month contract.
Full user license
Cloud hosting
Basic installation
Basic training
Tailored processes
Custom reports
Custom solution
Per month for 10K contacts
Minimum 12-month contract.
Full user license
Cloud hosting
Full installation
In-depth training
Tailored processes
Custom reports

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