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by | Mar 29, 2022 | Business Central, ERP, Retail & Ecommerce

As part of Release Wave 1 2022 for Business Central, Microsoft have announced a partnership with e-commerce platform, Shopify, that will benefit customers by providing a seamless connection between the two systems that synchronises order, stock, and customer information. The new integration removes the need for third-party solutions and developments that were previously required and makes it easy for businesses to connect their ERP and e-commerce.

Connected systems

The integration between Business Central and Shopify helps merchants implement more agile business processes, ensure data is always up to date and adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands. Business Central easily handles a multiple Shopify store scenario, with support for multi-tier pricing structures and multiple currencies, companies, and entities all available.

Increased visibility

Automated synchronisation between the two systems improves accuracy and reduces the risk of errors or duplicate data entry, whilst allowing people to focus on other tasks. Connecting Shopify and Business Central improves visibility into stock, pricing, existing customers and their order histories, order status, billing, and payments. This increased visibility means faster response to customer inquiries, timely returns and refunds, and more accurate order processing.

Improved efficiency

Enhanced operational efficiency not only saves you time, effort and reduces costs; it also results in better results and allows you to quickly make data-backed decisions. Scale your business with the confidence of knowing you have a reliable system that minimises overhead and automatically synchronises price changes, product updates and customers. Business Central supports you at the end of accounting periods with creation of financial and tax reporting required by local legislation.

Joining forces with Shopify to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will help more merchants deliver great experiences to their customers by seamlessly linking commerce and ERP.”

Charles Lamanna

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Applications and Platforms

When is this functionality available?

This new functionality will be releasing as part of release wave 1 2022 for Microsoft, becoming available from April 2022. You can see more of the upcoming updates to Business Central here.


The Shopify connector is only available for the online version of Business Central, not on-premises versions. We expect this feature to be available as an extension in all countries where Business Central is available. The extension will be pre-installed for new customers. Existing customers can download and install the extension from AppSource.

Shopify connector features

Multiple Shopify shops connected to the same Business Central
  • Each shop has its own setup, including a collection of products, locations used to calculate inventory, and prices lists.
Bi-directional synchronization of items/products
  • Sync images, item variants, barcodes, vendor item numbers, extended texts, and tags.
  • Export item attributes to Shopify.
  • Use selected customer price groups and discounts to define prices exported to Shopify.
  • Decide whether items can be created automatically or to only allow updates to existing products.
Synchronization of inventory levels
  • Choose some or all of the available locations in Business Central.
  • Update inventory levels on multiple locations in Shopify.
Bi-directional synchronization of customers
  • Smart-map customers by phone and email.
  • Use country-specific templates when creating customers, which helps ensure that tax settings are correct.
Import of Orders from Shopify
  • Create customers on-the-fly, or use fixed retail customer to keep customer data in Shopify.
  • Include orders created in other channels, such as Shopify POS or Amazon.
  • Shipping costs, gift cards, tips, shipping and payment methods, transactions, and risk of fraud.
  • Receive payout information from Shopify Payments.
Send fulfilment information to Shopify
  • Include item tracking information.

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