Mercurius IT – February Newsletter 2024

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Mercurius IT Embarks on a New Chapter with Move to Expansive Office Space

We’re delighted to announce MIT’s move to a larger office space in Milton Keynes, marking a milestone in our journey. The decision reflects our commitment to excellence. Located in a vibrant hub, this space fosters collaboration and innovation with state-of-the-art facilities. It accommodates current needs and allows for future expansion.

Recorded Webinar

Exploring the cold storage-specific features of 3PL Dynamics

In 30 minutes, we demonstrate the cold store-specific features of 3PL Dynamics, the software solution from Boltrics. These features include registering pallet temperature, production dates, expiry dates, batch tracking, and more.


Managing Service Operations Effectively

The company faced several challenges in effectively managing its service operations, including:

  1. Creating service agreements with customers.
  2. Assigning work orders to engineers.
  3. Ensuring task completion by field engineers.
  4. Integrating various systems such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Horizon, and Twilio.
  5. Updating relevant information efficiently.


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Announcing Custom messaging for Power BI App Access Requests

Power BI can automatically generate reports for you. You can use these “quick” reports to explore your data or as starting places for creating your custom report. Interaction with these reports has been simplified to empower everyone to explore their data.


Azure Virtual Network Encryption

Whenever Azure customer traffic moves between data centres, Microsoft applies a data-link layer encryption method using the IEEE 802.1AE MAC Security Standards (MACsec). This encryption is implemented to secure the traffic outside physical boundaries not controlled by Microsoft or on behalf of Microsoft. 


The Importance of Cycle Counting in Warehouse Operations

Cycle counting is like regularly checking your grocery list to ensure you have everything in your pantry. It helps track what’s in stock and what’s running low to avoid running out of essentials or buying too much of something.

Doing small, regular checks instead of one big check all at once saves time and avoids disruptions to your routine.

With cycle counting, you quickly catch any mistakes or discrepancies, so you can fix them before they become big problems.

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