Optimising Business Operations: Leveraging New Features in Business Central 

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365

In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is key. Every process, from handling transactions to managing documents, must be well organised to maximise productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a comprehensive business management solution, constantly evolves to meet the dynamic needs of modern enterprises.

This article will explore several new features introduced in Business Central, highlighting their business value and practical applications. 

Simplify Data Entry with Deferrals 

Data entry can be tedious, especially when dealing with transactions requiring deferrals. However, this process has become significantly smoother with the latest enhancements in Business Central.

Now, users can specify a deferral code directly on sales and purchase journals, eliminating the need to create separate general journals.

Feature Details: 

  • Users can set deferral codes on sales and purchase journal lines, facilitating the posting of deferral transactions within these journals. 
  • Deferral functionality in sales and purchase journals mirrors general journals, ensuring process consistency. 

Tailoring Service Invoice Posting Policies

Every business has its own unique invoicing and shipment processes. With the ability to define service invoice posting policies for various users, Business Central offers greater flexibility and control over these operations. 

Feature Details: 

  • Administrators can define service invoice posting policies on the User Setup page, allowing them to specify how each user handles service invoices. 
  • Options include “Allowed,” “Prohibited,” and “Mandatory,” enabling organisations to customise posting behaviours based on their requirements. 

Enhancing Document Management with Archived Quotes and Orders

Efficient document management is crucial for business success. The new feature in Business Central allows users to view incoming documents in archived sales and purchase quotes and orders, even after they have been archived. This functionality ensures smooth access to critical information, supporting informed decision-making and reducing administrative overhead. 

Feature Details: 

  • Archived versions of sales, purchase quotes and orders retain 
  •  attached incoming documents, enhancing document visibility and accessibility. 
  • Users can access archived documents and view incoming documents through the Incoming Documents FactBox. 

Facilitating Currency Management for Employee Transactions

Managing employee transactions involving multiple currencies can be complex. Business Central simplifies this process by allowing users to post transactions for employee accounts using general journals, specifying the relevant currency code. This feature streamlines expense reimbursement processes and ensures accurate currency conversions. 

Feature Details: 

  • Employees can register expenses in foreign currencies, with the option to adjust exchange rates when necessary. 
  • The system provides flexibility in managing employee balances, allowing users to settle transactions in their local currency. 


Incorporating these new features into your business processes can significantly enhance operational efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s streamlining data entry, customising invoice posting policies, improving document management, or simplifying currency management for employee transactions, Business Central continues to empower organisations to adapt and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest innovations in business management technology. 

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