WEBINAR: Optimising Cold Store Operations with 3PL Dynamics

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Exploring the cold storage specific features of 3PL Dynamics

Released: 15/12/21 | Duration: 30mins

Cold storage providers encounter completely different challenges compared to a non-cooled warehouse.

Curious how you can do more work in less time?

Or how to record all data in the stock?

In 30 minutes, we demonstrate the cold store specific features of 3PL Dynamics, the software solution from Boltrics. These features will include registering pallet temperature, production dates, expiry date, batch tracking, and more.

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What topics are covered?

  • Features for cold store operations
  • Easily configuring complex cold store processes
  • Accurate invoicing and no revenue leakages
  • Integrations to improve efficiency

Who is this webinar for?

  • Cold storage logistics providers

How long does the webinar last?

    The webinar is 30 minutes long, including the question-and-answer session.
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