Dynamics 365 HR leave functionality through MS Teams

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Microsoft D365 Human Resources

Objective of the leave process within teams: 

In the current process, leave apply/edit functionality and approval/rejection process for managers is accessible through HR module in D365 F&O environment. To perform any such operation, user must navigate through a lot of forms. 

D365 HR seamless integration with MS Teams

The teams Human Resources app integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR in a finance and operations environment helps organizations ensure that their employees can seamlessly request, edit, and cancel time off and leave of absence requests.

Managers can also use the app to view requests and approve or reject them. The Human Resources app can be used in Microsoft Teams or in a web browser. It can be used on both mobile devices and desktop devices. This feature follows Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality and does not require any login to D365 application, if the user is already configured in D365. 

To use this application/feature for your organization, certain set of prerequisites by Microsoft must be met such as, Latest environment version and quality updates should be applied, valid D365 HR licenses, Power platform admin centre administrator role, etc. 

Once the HR app is successfully installed and published for the organization, it looks like below in your teams app. 

D365 HR seamless integration1

Now employee can easily check leave balance with your ease from the team’s app itself. 

D365 HR seamless integration2

In the “Upcoming leaves” section employee can check the upcoming leaves which are in review state or approved by their respective managers. 

D365 HR seamless integration3

In the “History” section employee can check the list of all past leave records (approved/rejected) submitted by them. 

D365 HR leave and absence integration4

“My Team” section is specifically for the managers, where they can see the list of pending leaves from there team for their approval. Manager can approve/reject leave from the “Pending Requests” section. 

D365 HR leave and absence integration5
D365 HR leave and absence integration6

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