How to Improve your warehouse efficiency with real-time cycle counting

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Logistics

Your customer asks for an overview of their current stock, can you present this information right away? or will your employees be spending at least a day counting the inventory? Or a priority order is required to be picked, but the inventory doesn’t seem to add up – what do you do then? 

Nowadays if you’re not keeping track of your inventory and can’t access the data in real-time, you will fall behind. Customers wont throw you off when a request or priority order is made, helping improve the service you provide and ensure you prevent inaudibility, frustrations and extra costs.  

Efficiency Is Key 

Cycle Counting allows you to regularly plan inventory counts, helping ensure the physical stock in your warehouse aligns with the data in your WMS and is up to date & error-freeThis results with a minimal amount of time being lost on recounting inventory and increasing your warehouse efficiencyAs your inventory has already been checked and is always up to dateyou eliminate the need for an annual inventory check of the entire warehousesaving you and your employees precious time, effort and money. 

Your wish is our command 

Start working proactively for your customers and instantly provide them with the latest inventory status whenever they request informationFurthermore, a distinction can be made between fast and slow-moving goods. It is possible to design the module in such a way that A is counted weekly, B is counted monthly, and C is counted annually. You can even have a different setup per customer. For example, the stock of customer X is counted weekly while customer Y decides a monthly update is enough. In this way, it is possible to anticipate better on customer requests. 

Always stay aware 

Besides raising the efficiency and improving your service level, another advantage is that your order pickers never run out of stock again. By using Cycle Counting you minimize the number of differences between your system and the actual inventory. When Cycle Counting isn’t used, the remaining stock would be incorrect and your employees would be required to count the remaining products before continuing the process. As you can see, Cycle Counting keeps you and your employees from surprises and speeds up the handling to save time, energy and money. 

GIf ENgels Cycle counting bas

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