6 Practical Tips to Overcome Logistics Staffing Shortages

by | Jan 23, 2024 | 3PL Logistics, Logistics

The logistics industry has been thriving for quite some time now, with an increase in the number of orders and complex requests from customers.

However, the industry faces several challenges, including rising costs, a shortage of capable staff, and difficulty attracting and retaining skilled employees. But how can logistics companies tackle these challenges and continue to thrive in the industry? 

Dealing with the staff shortage in logistics can be a daunting task. Highly educated people with logistics knowledge are hard to find; if you do find them, their wage demands might not be economical.

This can significantly impact your overall business results, as more than half of them are spent on salaries.

Here are some tips that may help you overcome this hurdle: 

Look within your organisation

Sometimes, we are so externally focused that we forget to look within. There is a good chance that some of your current employees are ready for the next step. They already know your processes, your company culture, your customers, and their colleagues.

Therefore, after a training period, they are likely to be able to achieve more than a brand-new employee who meets the right criteria but still must grow in the company. Walk around the workplace and keep your eyes and ears open. Do you see the potential? 

Expand your recruitment horizons

The logistics labour market is very tight, mainly because employers seek job seekers with a logistics background.

However, the industry is changing, and new fields like data and technology are emerging.

With these new fields come new functions, and if you can work smarter with the qualities of these people and organise processes more efficiently, you may not need those extra drivers or warehouse employees. 

Embrace technology and automation

Working smarter and more efficiently is essential to overcome the staff shortage hurdle. Go through your processes again.

What can be done faster? What could be better? Where do you carry out unnecessary duplication of work?

Digitisation and automation are the basis of efficient working. With always up-to-date software with input from the entire logistics industry, you can be sure you are always leading the pack.

When your current employees work smarter – and not necessarily harder or longer – you limit the need to hire extra (untraceable) staff. 

Be flexible

Flexibility is crucial in today’s logistics environment. You are expected to act proactively, or at least not wait and see what happens to you.

Before you know it, you’ll be wasting chances and opportunities.

These values should flow throughout your organisation.

Courage is contrasted with experience, result-orientation with knowledge, and doing is opposed to meetings.

Have you noticed that your organisation is still very reactive? Look at how it can be done differently. 

Invest in training and development 

Employees want to know they can grow and develop in their jobs. Providing training, education, and career development opportunities helps to facilitate that.

Investing in training and development is crucial to overcome the staff shortage hurdle.

Knowledge and skills continue to play an important role in logistics, and organisations need to provide their employees with the necessary tools to grow and develop.

The Boltrics Academy is a comprehensive learning platform designed to enhance your employees’ knowledge. 

    Limit workload peaks

    If your employees are sometimes flooded with deliveries or experience other peak workloads, addressing these issues is essential if you want to keep your skilled workforce.

    With timeslot booking in our logistics software, you can offer your suppliers and carriers the possibility to book a time slot digitally.

    During this timeslot, the truck is then loaded or unloaded without waiting times. This way, you minimise the chance of your staff experiencing an influx of deliveries. 

    Investing in automation and technology is another way to stay relevant in the logistics industry. The industry is under tremendous pressure, with rising costs, unpredictable circumstances, and higher delivery times and service quality expectations.

    In our white paper, “Digitise to Stay Relevant,” we give concrete examples of addressing these issues. By embracing technology and automation, logistics companies can overcome their challenges and continue to thrive in the industry. 

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