Package Registration – Prevent Worries and Automate Administration Tasks

by | Jun 1, 2023 | 3PL Logistics, Logistics

Package registration plays a crucial role in the operations of logistics service providers. From pallets to crates and tanks, managing the flow of packaging articles in warehouses or trailers is essential. However, the process can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Fortunately, with the assistance of 3PL Dynamics, package registration becomes a breeze, allowing logistics companies to prioritise their core activities and meet customer expectations effortlessly.


Streamlining Logistics Activities: As a logistics service provider, your primary focus should be your core logistics activities generating revenue. The Package Registration module in 3PL Dynamics ensures that the package flow within your warehouse or transportation operations seamlessly integrates with your logistic activities. You can achieve accurate and efficient registration without additional effort by linking package registration to your daily processes.


Shift in Responsibilities: Traditionally, package registration has been the responsibility of office staff, which may seem counterintuitive. After all, the warehouse employees handle the loading, movement, and storage of packages daily. With the Package Registration module, the responsibility of registering articles shifts from the offices to the warehouse. Warehouse employees can scan the carrier upon arrival, automatically registering important details such as the supplier, customer, address, and transporter. This shift allows office employees to focus on other crucial aspects of the process, such as package balance checks and administrative tasks, as the registration is already handled. By making package registration a part of the regular workflow, administrative actions become easier, and your overall administration remains up to date.


Package Registration in WMS and TMS: The benefits of package registration extend beyond the warehouse. In addition to managing package registration within your warehouse, the Packaging Registration module in 3PL Dynamics can also be utilised in your transportation management system (TMS). This integration enables you to track package articles, know the location of stored packages, and facilitate billing processes seamlessly. With the ability to differentiate between various carrier types and units, you can easily determine which packages to register, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your operations.


Enhanced Customer Insights: 3PL Dynamics goes beyond simplifying internal operations; it also empowers you to provide exceptional service to your customers. You offer transparency and convenience by granting customers access to their package balance, inventory, and documents through the web portal. Customers can directly view the goods stored in your warehouse, providing real-time information on package articles and their total value.


Package registration is a critical aspect of logistics operations, and with 3PL Dynamics, it becomes a streamlined process that supports your core activities. By automating the registration, shifting responsibilities to the warehouse, and providing customer insights, you can optimise your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure accurate administration. To learn more about the Package Registration module’s possibilities or explore the best setup for your business, reach out to us at [email protected]. We are here to assist you.

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