Mercurius IT – May Newsletter 2023

by | May 31, 2023 | Mercurius IT, Microsoft, News

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We will exhibit at the Multimodal 2023 Event on 13 – 15 June. The MultiModal 2023 event at NEC Birmingham is a leading trade exhibition and conference that brings together professionals and businesses from the logistics, transportation, and supply chain sectors. It provides a platform for industry experts to showcase the latest innovations, technologies, and services in the field, facilitating networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. The event aims to drive the future of logistics and transportation by highlighting cutting-edge solutions and addressing key industry challenges.

Upcoming Webinar

Improve your Warehouse Operations and Enhance Efficiency with Boltrics 3PL Dynamics 

Join us on the 7th of June 2023 at 11 am BST 

Onboarding new customers and implementing customer-specific process changes can be challenging and costly in 3PL warehouse operations. However, 3PL Dynamics can achieve this in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost. Additionally, it helps achieve accuracy in invoicing despite complex storage contracts and service price structures. It also allows for quick and easy EDI integration with customer systems.

This webinar will demonstrate how 3PL Dynamics can streamline your warehouse operations, reduce errors, and enhance operational efficiency.

Latest Case Study


Derek Rose used Joor for customer orders but was not integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Integration plans were in progress to maintain crucial data for products, inventory, and orders, considering the seasonal nature of the fashion industry. Derek Rose regularly releases new products each season, making this integration a complex part of their business.


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Here are articles written in May:




Why stick to running software on your servers when better alternatives are available? Discover the main reasons for moving your software to the cloud and explore its possibilities.

A strong software system helps you to be successful. But the days of running a custom solution on your local servers are over. Software suppliers are moving to the cloud. An important development, also for you as a logistics service provider.

What’s New – Power BI

Exciting updates in Microsoft Power BI! The Preview feature On-object and dynamic format strings for measures have been enhanced. Explore new Reporting, Data Connectivity, Service, Paginated Reports, Mobile, and Visualisations features. Stay ahead with the latest advancements in Power BI!

What’s New – Managed Services

Our Managed Services ensure the efficient functioning of your systems without stress. We build a reliable, scalable, and secure technical foundation, enabling the end-to-end performance of your primary applications. Benefit from lower operational expenses, reduced downtime, enhanced data security, and flexible collaboration with our Microsoft experts. Elevate your business operations with our technology-driven solutions.

What’s New – Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Stay ahead of the game with new features and enhancements designed to elevate your marketing efforts. Transform customer experiences and drive collaboration with sales and marketing. Achieve higher marketing maturity and engage customers at every touchpoint. Elevate your marketing strategy and deliver unique experiences that matter.​​​​​​​

Business Central Cloud Migration Promo

Last chance! Don’t miss out on our ending offer. Get a 40% discounted Cloud Migration Promo SKU for NAV customers moving to BC SaaS. Purchase now and lock in the price for three years. Hurry, the promo ends on June 30, 2023. Remember, Microsoft does not offer price guarantees. Choose from 1-year or three years subscription periods for SaaS pricing after the offer. Act fast!

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