Whitepaper: The Future of your Software is in the Cloud

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Running software on your own servers is no longer of this time. But what alternative do you have? And what are the main reasons for choosing to place your software in the cloud?

A strong software system helps you to be successful. But the days of running a custom solution on your local servers are over. Software suppliers are moving to the cloud. An important development, also for you as a logistics service provider.

With outdated software, you can no longer meet the demands of your customers. Developments follow each other at rapid speed, and you can no longer successfully support your logistics activities. Prepare for the future with the cloud.

“Logistics is changing. Nobody knows what these changes will look like, but you have to make sure that you can then join. Otherwise, you will be sidelined pretty quickly.”

Thom Lems, Project Manager IT at Hudig & Veder

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