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Artificial intelligence continues its relentless evolution, seamlessly integrating into our daily applications and processes. Microsoft, a pioneer in AI technology, consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation.

One of their remarkable AI tools, Microsoft Copilot, has become an integral part of everyday Microsoft 365 productivity applications and is now making waves in the market-leading ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This blog post delves into the transformative “Chat with Copilot” feature in Business Central, exploring its impact on user interactions and how it streamlines daily workflows for businesses.

What is Copilot?

Microsoft’s Copilot, its next-generation AI tool, delivers a user-friendly chat experience that enhances productivity, creativity, and information comprehension.

It seamlessly integrates with your data through large language models (LLMs) in a secure and privacy-preserving manner, transforming it into a robust productivity tool.

Copilot, integrated with Microsoft 365 & Dynamics 365 apps, offers a chat interface for quick summaries of sales opportunities, updates, meeting preparations, and more. Crucially, Copilot adheres to GDPR and EU Data Boundary, aligning with Microsoft’s commitment to privacy, security, and compliance.

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Existing copilot features in BC

In the previous two Release Waves of 2023, Microsoft integrated Copilot functionality into Business Central, enabling tasks such as generating product marketing descriptions effortlessly.

Check out the functionality in action here. Additional AI capabilities already available in the solution include inventory forecasting and late payment prediction.

In the upcoming Release Waves of April and October, we expect to see a variety of new Copilot functionalities, ushering in the era of conversational ERP.

The era of conversational ERP:

Copilot represents a paradigm shift, introducing a conversational approach to user interaction with ERP systems.

Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, Copilot understands and interprets user queries in plain language.

This revolutionary approach significantly improves productivity, especially for users unfamiliar with complex ERP terminology and processes.

Key features and benefits

1. Intelligent Suggestions:

Copilot doesn’t just wait for your commands; it actively suggests actions based on your context.

Whether it’s creating a new sales order, querying financial data, or generating reports, Copilot provides intelligent suggestions to guide users through their tasks.

2. Task Automation:

The chat interface allows users to automate routine tasks through simple commands.

From updating records to running predefined workflows, Copilot accelerates task execution, freeing up users to focus on more strategic aspects of their role.

3. Data Exploration:

Users can inquire about specific data points, trends, or summaries using natural language queries.

Copilot retrieves relevant information from Business Central’s vast data repository, providing instant insights without the need for complex queries or report configurations.

4. Smart Notifications:

Copilot keeps users informed with smart notifications.

Whether it’s a pending approval, an inventory alert, or a financial milestone, the chat interface delivers real-time notifications, ensuring that users stay on top of critical business events.

How to chat with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Business Central

1. Access Copilot

Access Copilot
copilot interface within Business Central

2. Start a conversation

Begin a conversation with Copilot by typing your query or command in natural language. Copilot will respond with suggestions or prompt you for additional information if needed.

begin a conversation with Copilot

3. Follow suggestions or execute commands

Interact with Copilot by following its suggestions or executing commands.

For example, you can say, “Show recent Quotes for Alpine”, then drill-further the details by asking more specific questions, such as “Which of these was sent to Robert about three weeks ago?”, as seen in the images. 

Interact with Copilot
Show recent Quotes for Alpine
Follow suggestions or execute commands

4. Explore, Learn, Optimise

Experiment with Copilot to explore its capabilities. Learn how to navigate the system, execute tasks, and optimise your workflow.  The more you interact, the more Copilot adapts to your preferences and becomes a personalised virtual assistant.

Experiment with Copilot
benefits of Copilot

Realising Business Efficiency: The benefits of Copilot

Empowering Users Across Roles: Chat with Copilot transcends traditional user roles, empowering individuals across the organization to engage with Business Central effortlessly. From finance and operations to sales and inventory management, Copilot caters to diverse user needs.

Reducing Learning Curves: For new users or those unfamiliar with ERP systems, Copilot significantly reduces the learning curve. The conversational interface provides a user-friendly entry point, making Business Central accessible to a broader audience within the organization.

Increasing Productivity: By automating routine tasks, providing intelligent suggestions, and offering quick access to information, Copilot boosts user productivity. Tasks that once required navigating through menus or executing complex commands can now be accomplished with a few simple words.

Important Note:

Chat with Copilot starts rolling out to all new production and sandbox environments in February 2024.

For upgrading customers, the feature will be automatically enabled with Update 24, but administrators can enable it as early as Update 23.4.

To enable features ahead of time, sign in to your online environment and open Feature Management, then enable for all users the item named “Feature Preview: Chat with Copilot”.

In the era of Chat with Copilot, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central goes beyond conventional ERP experiences.

Conversational interactions, intelligent suggestions, and task automation redefine user engagement with business data.

As organisations seek efficiency, agility, and user empowerment, Copilot emerges as a pivotal tool in unlocking Business Central’s full potential. Embrace the future of ERP with Chat with Copilot – where simplicity meets sophistication, and every conversation propels your business forward.

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