Business Central Release Wave 2 2020: The Highlights

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s Bi-Annual update to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform is here once again – and we’re here to give our take of what up and coming functionality you can expect to see in the next update. This blog post will just be exploring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, but you can see the upcoming updates to the rest of the Dynamics 365 platform here.

General Enhancements

  • Company Hub: Organisations with special requirements may require an ERP solution with the ability to maintain and access to multiple companies through the same tenant or in another environment. Now with Company Hub you can get an overview and access to all the companies and access them with ease.
  • VAT Reporting: Group VAT reporting support in Dynamics 365 Business Central focuses on the inter-group communication and gathering of VAT data to allow for easy and secure management of VAT reporting.
  • Package Tracking: Provide better and faster access to package tracking information on more types of sales documents, helping improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reconciliation: The Bank Account Reconciliation page includes a feature to cancel a posted bank reconciliation, allowing users to recover from mistakes, with additional capabilities to prevent errors and increase efficiency.

Modern Client

  • Role Centres: Your Role Centre is the landing page that is displayed when you open Business Central – by default users are assigned the ‘Business Manager’ Role Centre, however there are multiple other Role Centres available that may be more suited for your specific role in the company. Role Centres have also been optimised to open faster when you sign into Business Central to get you ready to work straight away.
  • Contacts: Ensure you’re always getting up-to-date, consistent contact information throughout the entire application, helping you be certain you have the right mobile and email details.
contacts 1
  • Responsiveness: Pages containing Fact Boxes have been optimised to help users load and interact with the page quicker.
  • Page Styling: Browser environments have received styling updates to make them align with the other D365 apps.
  • Accessibility: Improvements have been made for low-vision users who operate with a limited screen space, helping make the application functional without loss of information at up to a 400% zoom. Colour contrasts between adjacent colours have also been enhanced to improve the readability of non-text elements.
  • Auto-resolve: Business Central can now automatically recognise and resolve data conflicts within the Common Data Service, helping instantly solve data errors and allowing you to get back to the task at hand.
resolve 1
resolve 2

Office 365 Enhancements

  • Teams: With working from home the new normal, meeting rooms have switched to Microsoft Teams so with the new update you can bring your Business Central data into your Teams conversations, helping your teams make quick, collaborative, data-backed decisions without the need to switch application.
  • Word Document layout: Export multiple invoice, order & quote documents to Word and tailor them to your business format for when you send them out to customers.

Geographic expansion

  • Availability: With release wave 2 2020, Business Central’s global availability has been expanded to cover extended to new countries including Brazil, Ireland, and Lithuania


  • Mobile: Choose between multiple sandbox & production environments directly from your mobile device without the need to use a precrafted URL that was required before.
  • Migration: Improvements have been made to simplify the migration from on-premises solutions including Dynamics GP, SL and Business Central to move to Business Central Online – following Microsoft’s Cloud-first strategy.
  • Unlimited Environments: The 3 production environments limit has been removed and additional production & sandbox environments can be purchase – allowing businesses to expand and work in 4+ countries from a single Business Central tenant.
  • Environment Admin: Admin centre will show a log of operations, info on the time and who performed them, including renaming the environment or restoring your environment and data to a previous point in time, in the case it was damaged unintentionally, etc.


This has been a selection of the changes you can expect for Business Central release wave 2, however this is not the full list, which is available here. These updates are planned for release from October 2020; however, some features are available for early access so you may start seeing them soon.

If you’d like to learn more about Business Central, please check out all the other content available throughout our website. Alternatively, if you’d like to see the solution in action please leave your details in the contact form below and we will get back to you to arrange a demo.

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