A Step-by-Step Guide To Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Migration

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sales / CRM

What is Dynamics 365 Data Migration?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is undoubtedly a powerhouse system in the CRM market. Hundreds of businesses worldwide are integrating Dynamics 365 into their business needs and requirements. Why? Microsoft Dynamics 365 software perfectly fits into organisations and their operations. Trust us; your business will benefit when you upgrade your business systems to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This article will prepare you for a smooth transition and successful migration process through these five (5) steps.

  1. Map your data
  2. Export your data
  3. Transform and cleanse
  4. Import into Microsoft Dynamics 365
  5. Test and validate

Your data will be migrated by the end of this article, and you can then explore all that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer. To begin with, let’s clarify what data migration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 entails.

Understanding Data Migration for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based portfolio of business applications from Microsoft. It is designed to assist organisations in improving operational efficiency and lessening business complexity while controlling costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud applications are developed to be intelligent and linked by data. This way, employees can work together and connect different business functions, such as sharing relevant data. The Dynamics 365 portfolio comprises applications for customer service management, sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain management.

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Creating A Data Migration Checklist for Dynamics 365

Creating a comprehensive checklist would ensure a smooth transition. These are six (6) steps to develop your CRM migration checklist for Dynamics 365.

Gather your data

Collecting your data is the first step, which involves gathering product catalogues, customer data, and sales records.

Select a migration tool

When selecting a migration tool, you have a couple of options. You can either use the Dynamics 365 Import Tool or a third-party tool.

Review your data

After selecting a migration tool, it’s important to carefully review your data for any potential duplicates, errors, or outdated information. Take the time to thoroughly clean your data, as inaccurate information could cause problems and pose a threat in the future.

Define your data structure

When the data review is complete, planning out how you want to organise it in Dynamics 365 is essential. Consider your business needs and processes to develop the best structure for your data.

Test your migration

Before migrating all your data, it is recommended that you test your migration with a subset of your data to ensure that everything is working properly.

Post-Migration checkup

To ensure that all data is functioning as expected, conducting a post-migration check-up of your Dynamics 365 environment is crucial.

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Choosing The Right Data Migration Tool for Dynamics 365

These are some options to consider when deciding on the right tool for your data migration:

Dynamics 365 Import Tool

The data migration tool built into Dynamics 365 lets you import Excel spreadsheet data into the system. It’s important to note that this tool is limited to importing from Excel files only. You must explore alternative solutions if your data is in a different format.

Scribe Insight

This is a cloud-based data migration tool purpose-built for Dynamics 365. Although Scribe Insight lacks the advanced functionality needed for complex migrations, it’s a great choice as it manages the entire end-to-end process and offers pre-built connectors for data sources such as Zoho, NetSuite, and Sales Force. Scribe Insight makes it easy to map fields and migrate your data.

KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit

This tool provides 100+ prebuilt components that speed up your data migration projects. This amazing tool is an enterprise-level, flexible solution. With KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit, you can migrate from any source into Dynamics 365 through SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), ERPs, and CRMs.

Step-By-Step Guide for Migrating Data to Dynamics 365

If you’re considering migrating your data to Dynamics 365, Mercurius IT can offer you a reliable and effective step-by-step process to get it done.

Map your data

The first step is to map your legacy data to D365 entities. Here, you’ll determine how your data translates by comparing your existing database schema to the Dynamics 365 data model. 

Export your data

When exporting your data from the legacy system, you can use SQL scripts, export wizards, or other third-party ETL tools. The export method you’ll use depends on your current database platform.

Transform and cleanse (if needed)

Once we confirm that your entire data is exported, you must cleanse or reformat, if necessary, before importing to Dynamics 365. 

Import into Microsoft Dynamics 365

Once your data is transformed, the next step is to import your data into D365 using the Dynamics 365 Data import/export framework. We advise you to commence with a smaller database to test the import to resolve any possible issues before we import your data. You can import your data into Dynamics 365 if there are no issues.

Test and validate

The step doesn’t end with importing your data; we also conduct thorough tests to validate your new Dynamics 365 environment. Once we affirm that there are zero issues with the process, your data migration is complete.

If you have valuable data that you want to migrate to Dynamics 365, it’s important to have a skilled partner by your side. Data migration can be time-consuming and complex, and having an expert to assist you can make all the difference. At Mercurius IT, we specialise in data migration and can help you migrate to Dynamics 365. Don’t hesitate to partner with us for a stress-free migration experience. Contact us today.

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Our 24/7 support is available to you thanks to our global delivery model across 15 countries. We have the expertise and experience required for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data migration. If you need help, our team is prepared to assist you with a successful data migration to Dynamics 365. Even after the migration, we can work closely with you as consultants to provide support as needed. 

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