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Mercurius IT Ltd Achieves ISO 27001 Certification.

As of July 30 and August 26, 2022, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification was granted to Mercurius IT for both their UK and India offices for providing IT consulting, implementation, support, and licences for enterprise solutions such as ERP, CRM, and Managed Services.

What’s New for D365 Business Central?

September and October welcomed Microsoft’s new releases based on the most popular requests for improvement. Find out the new and planned updates for the finance and supply chain.​​​

What’s New for D365 Power Platform?

Microsoft has released new and highly anticipated features in Power Apps in the following areas:

1. Manage work order costs using the not-to-exceed function
2. Save time with mobile usability enhancements
3. Organise your service operations using trades
4. Avoid overlapping bookings with resource scheduling optimisation




This month we hosted and recorded a webinar on how to “Seize opportunities with a streamlined e-fulfilment process” we demonstrated the possibilities 3PL Dynamics offers for a successful e-fulfilment process. We walked through the functionalities available at your disposal and showed an example picking process.


Inbound Warehousing

Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Keep Track of your Goods with Tasklet Mobile WMS

This webinar is ideal for both potential and existing users of NAV/Business Central as we show how easy it is to optimise the inbound warehouse processes with Tasklet Mobile WMS. The value also extends to customers interested in maximising the benefits of their investment.

Latest Mercurius Insights

Throughout October, we have written various articles that we believe will transform your business.

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology was originally launched in 2007 as a full customer lifecycle methodology which can be applied to all Dynamics solutions. Since its launch, the capabilities have been updated to assist with new feature implementation and upgrade processes.

What is the Microsoft Digital Contact Centre Platform?

Recently at Microsoft Inspire, their annual partner conference, the Digital Contact Centre Platform was introduced. Wanting to build on the customer service services already on offer, the platform combines existing solutions and services into a fully-fledged customer service contact centre platform.

Boost your invoicing options with a storage fee per location

In our previous e-fulfilment blog, we told you about the changing profile of your customers. This changing profile characterises the changing market. Within e-commerce, many small articles do not occupy an entire carrier – and thus locations – in your warehouse.

5 Benefits of using a mobile WMS in your warehouse

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a solution designed to support and control the processes within your warehouse, including receive, put away, pick, count, move, adjust quantity, etc. WMS solutions enable businesses to move goods and materials through their warehouses efficiently whilst providing visibility into inventory.

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform: New Customer Discounts

Microsoft has recently announced a new incentive for SMEs looking to start their digital transformation with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform products. The promotion provides a discount of 16.67% for customers who are new to Dynamics 365 and PowerApps.

IT Infrastructure

Windows Admin Centre for Azure Virtual Machines is now generally available. Windows Admin Centre lets you manage the Windows Server Operating System of your Azure Virtual Machines natively in the Azure Portal. ​

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