Mercurius IT – January Newsletter 2024

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What’s NEW in Business Central

Chat with Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central-Header

Chat with Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Artificial intelligence continues its relentless evolution, seamlessly integrating into our daily applications and processes. Microsoft, a pioneer in AI technology, consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation.

One of their remarkable AI tools, Copilot, has become an integral part of everyday Microsoft 365 productivity applications and is now making waves in the market-leading ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This blog post delves into the transformative “Chat with Copilot” feature in Business Central, exploring its impact on user interactions and how it streamlines daily workflows for businesses.

Recorded Webinar

Save Time, Reduce Errors, and Keep Track of your Goods with Tasklet Mobile WMS

This webinar is ideal for both potential and existing users of NAV/Business Central as we show how easy it is to optimise the inbound warehouse processes with Tasklet Mobile WMS. The value also extends to customers interested in maximising the benefits of their investment.

We hope to inspire more companies to harvest the benefits of digitalising their warehousing processes.

In this webinar, we addressed:

  • The pain points related to receiving/goods-in and put away
  • How to ease the pain points using Tasklet WMS


Integration of SharePoint and Business Central through web services

The company’s primary challenge revolved around data integration between its Business Central system and the vendor portal. The objective was to create a platform allowing vendors to access and manage order information efficiently. Tasks such as modifying delivery dates, adjusting quantities, adding notes, and confirming order receipts needed to be seamlessly executed. Moreover, smooth data synchronisation between SharePoint and Business Central was required.


Explore our comprehensive article library that spans various topics to help your business thrive. Our expert-curated articles cover everything from BC to Third-Party Logistics, providing valuable insights and information. Use our search feature to find articles on specific topics that interest you.



Tasklet Factory provides a powerful, mobile WMS solution on top of Business Central that can be utilised by businesses in various industries and contains all the functionality you need to optimise your warehouse processes. With a user-friendly interface, Mobile WMS helps your team get more done in less time by providing real-time data and digital guidance in the palm of their hand.


Announcing Custom messaging for Power BI App Access Requests

Power BI App owners can now create custom messages to manage App access requests. This means that as an App owner, you can provide interested users with custom messages that explain or link to information on how to access your Power BI content.


Crash Consistent VM Restore Points

A crash-consistent VM restore point is an agentless solution that stores the VM configuration and point-in-time write-order consistent snapshots for all managed disks attached to a Virtual Machine. This is the same as the data status in the VM after a power outage or a crash.


Overcome Staffing Shortages

The logistics industry has been thriving for quite some time now, with an increase in the number of orders and complex requests from customers.

However, the industry faces several challenges, including rising costs, a shortage of capable staff, and difficulty attracting and retaining skilled employees. But how can logistics companies tackle these challenges and continue to thrive in the industry? 

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