Case Study on Operational Efficiency

Integration of SharePoint and Business Central through web services
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Company Overview

This anonymous case study delves into the operational challenges faced by a leading player in the reclining furniture industry. Known for its commitment to comfort and innovation, the company encountered hurdles in consolidating data from its Business Central system and presenting it on its vendor portal. The case study explores the challenges faced, the solution implemented, and the subsequent benefits derived.

The Challenges

The company’s primary challenge revolved around data integration between its Business Central system and the vendor portal. The objective was to create a platform allowing vendors to access and manage order information efficiently. Tasks such as modifying delivery dates, adjusting quantities, adding notes, and confirming order receipts needed to be seamlessly executed. Moreover, smooth data synchronisation between SharePoint and Business Central was required.

The Solution

A comprehensive solution was devised to address these challenges. SharePoint and Business Central were integrated through web services, leveraging Odata V4 authentication. This bidirectional integration facilitated the smooth flow of information, allowing order-related data to be extracted from Business Central and displayed on the SharePoint vendor portal. Crucially, any modifications made by vendors to their orders were instantaneously synchronised back to Business Central.

The Benefits

Integrating SharePoint and Business Central through web services has brought the company substantial benefits. The accessibility of the vendor portal was significantly improved, ensuring that vendors had immediate access to all order-related details. Real-time data synchronisation empowered vendors with the most current information, enhancing their decision-making capabilities.

The bidirectional nature of this integration proved instrumental. Vendors could simplify and update confirmed delivery dates, quantities, and line-item notes and establish order receipts. This streamlined the entire order process, resulting in a notable enhancement in operational efficiency.


The company’s successful integration of SharePoint and Business Central through web services is a robust solution to its operational challenges. The bidirectional integration effectively addressed data consolidation and vendor management issues, providing vendors with an efficient and seamless experience accessing and updating order-related information. The outcome is a simplified order process, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

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