The Fashion Industry is complex. Its supply chain is long and convoluted and requires extra care to execute successfully. Even the filing of products is more complicated than most, with hundreds of variations of shoe, dress and shirt. It’s really no surprise, then, that an out-of-the-box ERP solution won’t fit the bill for most apparel businesses and there are some tweaks to be made to suit the specific needs of the industry. Here are 8 of our most valuable Microsoft Dynamics NAV features for Fashion & Apparel.

Product Data Management (PDM)

NAV traditionally stores product data with just one item variant. This is an immediate problem for businesses dealing with apparel, where size, colour, style and fabric could all be variants for a single product. Our solution allows for both a horizontal and vertical component, combining to form one variant with its own unique variant code. This means that when creating Purchase Orders and Sales Orders, all the information for the same product appears on a single line. Furthermore, we’ve added Fashion-specific fields to the Item Card such as Season and Weave.

Size Systems

If you’re trading internationally, you may need to convert your product data from one size system to another and back again. Our solution makes this easy, storing the data for multiple size systems simultaneously and switching instantly between them when required.

Multiple Images

As standard, NAV only allows one image per item. This becomes problematic for Fashion & Apparel businesses who want to show each item from multiple views or in multiple colours. Our customisation allows you to associate multiple images with a single item, giving your customers a 360° view of your products whether in the showroom or on your webstore.

Model Card

Fashion & Apparel businesses often have a lot of products in similar categories that share many of the same attributes. For example, your whole Summer collection might be in a particular print or all your Suit Jackets might have the same style of collar. Standard NAV requires you to input this same information manually each time you create a new product. Instead, we’ve customised the solution to save these shared values as a Model Card, giving you more time to focus on what matters.


Specifically designed for Fashion & Apparel businesses, our customised solution automatically calculates the weight of packages and provides you with the shipping cost, saving you time and money.

Cortana Intelligence

Mercurius IT’s solution is built within NAV, so can take advantage of NAV 2017’s Cortana Intelligence functionality. Cortana uses machine learning to take historical data from your business apps and make actionable, intelligent predictions about the future – empowering you to forecast customer demand seasons in advance, based on your own in-house data.

SharePoint Integration

NAV 2017 offers inbuilt SharePoint integration, so you can harness the power of SharePoint portal technology for your business. This unleashes the possibility to create a collaborative experience with B2B and B2V sales and supplier portals.

NP Retail & NP Ecommerce Integration

NP Retail is a future-proof Point of Sale (POS) system specifically designed for retailers. Its integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and our Fashion & Apparel solution gives you complete control over your inventory at all times. The solution comes with a responsive design, perfect for touch PCs and as an mPOS on tablets and smartphones. Its ecommerce counterpart, NP Ecommerce, is a web store solution linking Dynamics NAV with Magento to automate processes such as bookkeeping, inventory control and financial management. Together, the solution enables you to manage your end-to-end supply chain easily from one application.