Enabling Sustainability: The Crucial Role of Warehouse Automation in Shaping Our Future

by | Aug 31, 2023 | 3PL Logistics

As a dedicated logistics service provider, you’re constantly navigating the intricate web of consumer demands, operational efficiency, and eco-friendly initiatives.

These daily challenges are the essence of your industry. Your clients are fervently pursuing sustainability, and adopting sustainable strategies is gaining paramount importance.

Warehouse automation emerges as a pivotal asset in pursuing an environmentally friendly business.

This blog will explore how automating your warehouse can steer your business towards a sustainable future.


Optimising Processes for Sustainability

Efficiency is your mantra, and you steer clear of inefficient processes that neither benefit your business nor Mother Nature. The quest for process optimisation is relentless.

Enter the Warehouse Management System (WMS), a powerful tool that illuminates your operations like never before. With a WMS, you gain invaluable insights from data, enabling you to discern the wheat from the chaff.

The merits of a WMS for your business are extensive. It optimises every facet of your warehouse operations, exemplified by the importance of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In today’s world, bi-directional data exchange is non-negotiable.

Does your clientele demand the latest EDI technology?

Boltrics’ EDI solution seamlessly automates communication from order to invoice, eliminating unnecessary complexities.

Sustainable Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption is one of the most effective steps toward forging a sustainable warehouse design.

Boltrics’ WMS lends a helping hand in several ways. Imagine maximising the efficiency of your reach trucks while minimising their mileage.

The key lies in working with X-Y coordinates, a strategy that minimises empty miles by making real-time calculations.

These calculations consider factors like current location, distance to open activities, and activity date/time to assign the optimal task to a reach truck. This ensures that your reach trucks operate at peak efficiency.


Task Interleaving for Sustainability

Task interleaving presents yet another avenue for optimising operations and bolstering sustainability. Doing more with fewer resources is the holy grail, and our WMS offers various interleaving options to achieve just that.

From order-pick assignments to different movement strategies, task interleaving allows you to increase productivity while minimising waste, aligning perfectly with your sustainability goals.

In the dynamic world of logistics, embracing warehouse automation isn’t just about staying competitive; it’s about embracing a greener, more sustainable future.

By adopting a Warehouse Management System and leveraging cutting-edge technologies like X-Y coordinates and task interleaving, your business is poised to not only meet the challenges of today but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious tomorrow.

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