Dynamics 365 Pricing and Licensing – Your Comprehensive Guide

by | May 15, 2024 | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available to all businesses regardless of size and complexity, and organisations of all types find it a powerful solution. Its success lies in its flexible suite of innovative and intelligent business applications, which can streamline the operations of many departments and make them cohesive across the entire system.

With so many different applications available, users can access different Dynamics 365 pricing plans and licencing structures, which offer a high level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness to meet the needs of individual businesses.

Understanding your business requirements is essential to making the right choice. It would be best to plan for future demands as your business grows.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Costs

Microsoft offers a range of Dynamics 365 pricing tiers to make it more cost-effective for users. The company understands that no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution works across all business sectors, so users can select user licenses based on their needs, which can be per-app or number of users. You can also mix and match user licenses when you have some staff that need a full per-user license and other staff with more specialised needs.

Per-app Usage: Dynamics 365 user licenses offer great flexibility. Based on your needs, you can choose any Enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which you can seamlessly blend with Dynamics 365 Sales to manage your workflow easily.

Suppose you have users who only need access to one or two specific Dynamics 365 applications (e.g., Sales or Field Service). In that case, per-app licenses can be significantly more affordable than buying a full-user license. This is also a more cost-effective approach when you have staff who only need to access certain Dynamics 365 apps occasionally, as it lets you pay for access only when needed.

You can easily add or remove per-app licenses as your usage patterns or team size changes over time. However, a per-user license will be far more cost-effective if you have staff needing access to multiple Dynamics 365 applications.

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Confused by Dynamics 365 Pricing?

Struggling to find the right plan for your business? Get clarity with our detailed pricing guide and find the perfect fit.

Dynamics 365 Pricing Tiers

The best tier to choose will depend on your specific business needs. For small business teams with basic needs, the Customer Engagement plan might be enough to meet your needs. However, if your team needs more advanced functionalities within specific applications, you should consider buying Dynamics 365 Enterprise per-user or per-app licenses with a base license.

If you run a marketing team, then the Dynamics 365 for Marketing license or the option within the Customer Engagement plan could be suitable. But if this is your first venture into Dynamics 365 and you are unsure of your needs, it is best to consult with a professional Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, such as Mercurius IT, to accurately assess your needs so we can recommend the most cost-effective licensing plan for your business.

Dynamics 365 Pricing Breakdown

Below is a basic pricing breakdown for Dynamics 365 (2024 pricing), but please note that prices are subject to change. Check with us for current UK pricing.

Microsoft also offers discounts for volume purchases and annual commitments. If your business requires a bulk license purchase, contact our team to establish the best-discounted prices.

Understand Dynamics 365 Costs

Worried about staying within budget? Explore affordable Dynamics 365 pricing and licensing options designed for you.

Business Central

  • Essentials: From £57.50 per user/month (Focuses on financial management and basic operations)
  • Premium: From £82.20 per user/month (Includes advanced features like service and manufacturing management)

Customer Service


  • First Dynamics 365 app: £41.10 per user/month
  • Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app: £16.40 per user/month



  • First Dynamics 365 app: £53.40 per user/month
  • Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app: £16.40 per user/month


  • First Dynamics 365 app: £78.10 per user/month
  • Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app: £16.40 per user/month

Premium: £111 per user/month

Microsoft Relationship Sales: £108.34 per user/month

Microsoft Viva Sales: £32.90 per user/month

Microsoft Sales Copilot: £32.90 per user/month


  • First Dynamics 365 app: £147.90 per user/month
  • Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app: £24.70 per user/month
  • Finance Premium: £246.60 per user/month

Customer Insights – Marketing

  • First Dynamics 365 app: From £1,232.90 per tenant/month
  • Subsequent Dynamics 365 app: £821.90 per tenant/month

Supply Chain Management

  • First Dynamics 365 app: £147.90 per user/month
  • Subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app: £24.70 per user/month
  • Supply Chain Management Premium: £246.60 per user/month
  • Intelligent Order Management: From £246.60 per 1,000 order lines/month

It is important to note that the prices listed above are starting prices. Add-ons and customisations can impact the cost of your licenses.


Do not hesitate to contact our team at Mercurius IT if you are considering implementing Dynamics 365 into your business systems. As experts in this field, we can help find the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

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