Case Study on The Felix Project

Enhancing Non-Profit Operations with Dynamics 365 System Customisation


The Felix Project

United Kingdom

Non-profit organisation

The Challenges

Mercurius IT conducted a comprehensive review of a custom Dynamics 365 system tailored for Volunteer Management for The Felix Project. The challenges included:

  • Identifying new requirements for developing a front-facing portal, Power Pages, to engage food suppliers and gather their feedback.
  • Identifying additional requirements to integrate the Power Pages portal with the volunteer management module to simplify operations.
  • Exploring areas for process improvement and automation within the Dynamics 365 system.

The Solution

Mercurius IT implemented a structured approach to address these challenges:

  • Biweekly meetings were conducted over six months, facilitating collaborative discussions to gather requirements, clarify doubts, and ensure a thorough understanding of the project scope.
  • Agile methodology was adopted for development, involving biweekly calls to review progress, incorporate changes, and ensure continuous collaboration. The billing structure was based on Time and Material, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Comprehensive documentation was initiated, covering all requirements and system design aspects. This documentation served as a roadmap for development and ensured clarity throughout the process.
  • A detailed document outlining system functionality and technical development was compiled. This document provides a clear reference for stakeholders and ensures a smooth transition to the enhanced system.

The Benefits

The solutions implemented by Mercurius IT resulted in several significant benefits for The Felix Project:

  • Development of a front-facing portal, Power Pages, enabled seamless communication with food suppliers and facilitated feedback collection, enhancing engagement and collaboration.
  • Integration of the Power Pages portal with the volunteer management module allowed Felix users to efficiently route food offers to specific volunteers, streamlining operations and ensuring timely food collection and distribution.
  • Submission of a compiled document outlining all processes ensured flawless system operation, provided stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of system functionality, and facilitated future enhancements and maintenance.

In conclusion, Mercurius IT’s collaborative approach, adherence to agile methodology, and emphasis on documentation led to the successful enhancement of the Dynamics 365 system for Volunteer Management. This system improved the non-profit organisation’s efficiency, simplified operations, and engaged stakeholders.

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