Microsoft’s Power Platform allows businesses of all types and sizes to streamline their organisational processes, improve operational functionality and plan for future growth.  

At Mercurius IT, we’ve been partners with Microsoft for more than 15 years, using our expertise alongside state-of-the-art tools such as Power Apps to help businesses to move to the next level.   

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What Are Power Apps? 

Microsoft offers a whole suite of apps that are designed to benefit small and medium-sized businesses.  

SMBs are often challenged by rising costs and tight budgets. The Power Apps suite allows you to create professional-grade apps that can then be used to innovate and problem-solve across many areas of your business. That could include, for example, building an app that can assess quality control in your company or monitor the distribution of products once a purchase has been made.  

The unique feature of the Power Apps platform is that it enables ordinary employees within your organisation to develop useful apps themselves, even if they have no IT or coding experience. They might be a team manager, a marketer, a sales rep or even a member of your admin staff.  

How Does It Work? 

This intuitive platform allows complete IT and coding novices within your business to start building an app with little in the way of training. All they need is an idea of what they want it to achieve.  

The Microsoft Power Platform comes with ready-made templates that can be installed using a simple drag-and-drop process. Many of these snippets of code are developed by people at Microsoft but also by an open-source collective and a whole range of businesses. That means there is a rich catalogue of app functions and designs to choose from.   

This is all about empowering employees to find solutions with easy-to-use technology. For example, you may have someone managing a team who wants to track whether a staff member has been affected by Covid – you can create a simple app with a short questionnaire that gives you an immediate notification. This is exactly what Ford did recently. They have also created nearly other 400 apps in recent years to help provide a range of different solutions across their business.  

The Benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform 

Power Apps isn’t just for large corporations. For SMBs, technology is increasingly important when it comes to problem-solving. Power Apps help with short-term issues or can find long-term solutions. The range of different templates available and the AI involved in building a successful app puts those directly needing solutions at the forefront of the app creation.  

That means people who are the most knowledgeable about a particular challenge in your organisation build the app from the ground up without the input of expensive developers. That saves your business time and money and ensures you are more likely to get a solution that fits your needs and delivers a strong ROI.  

Why Choose Mercurius IT? 

The Microsoft Power Platform is ideal for SMBs who want to streamline processes and create more cost-efficient functionality that leads to stronger growth. Whether it’s creating a warehouse monitoring system or building an app that reduces waste in your business, theirs is a technical solution for almost every problem and every type of organisation.  

At Mercurius IT, we have more than 15 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes make the most of Microsoft’s amazing suite of apps.  

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