5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Cycle with D365 CRM

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Sales / CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365

One of the keys to a successful sales operation is understanding the customer as much as humanly possible. In the more distant past, sales teams would have to depend on their intuition and experience more than anything else.  

Nowadays, amazing software solutions help deliver valuable insights that improve not only lead generation opportunities but conversions at the end of the sales funnel.  

One of the cutting-edge tools for the sales team in more recent years has been Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Here are five ways you can use it to boost your sales cycle: 

5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Cycle with D365 CRM

1. Providing Actional Insights 

Many different CRM systems claim they deliver valuable insight from the data they collect, but not all deliver. It’s no use having lots of information without understanding how to use it effectively.

If you want to improve your sales cycle, you need to make sure the data and insights you have are clear, concise and meaningful and presented in a way that everyone understands.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gives you a complete set of tools to manage leads, and prioritise them, allowing you to create, for example, targeted cross-channel marketing campaigns that work.

The system does all the heavy lifting for you and produces easy-to-understand, visual information and metrics that sales teams can use to make the right operational decisions at the right time.  

2. Helping Sales Teams Manage Relationships

A sales rep may be handling many different types of relationships within their organisation depending on the type of service or product that is delivered. The easier you can make that process and the development of those relationships, the better.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows you to track influencers and business leaders on LinkedIn, for example.

It can produce a clear interpretation of how individual relationships are performing and which ones may require more attention from your sales team to land the deal.

The software also allows you to develop tailored content for particular individuals so you have more chance of closing a sale.  

3. Boosting Sales Productivity

Using technology to boost lead generation and conversions is key in today’s competitive environment where having the right information to hand is critical if you want to close a sale.  

There are numerous tools for automation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Because it’s cloud-based, users can access information on any device wherever they are at the time, in the office or at a client’s business.

Other features of the system allow sales teams to interact and support each other in new and exciting ways.  

4. Monitoring Performance

One of the keys to success in any sales team is that you understand how it is performing.  

Microsoft Dynamics 356 also allows businesses to monitor the performance of the sales team and produces a range of meaningful metrics.

It allows you to standardise onboarding, for instance, or introduce gamification so different teams can compete against each other.

It produces easy-to-understand updates on overall and individual performance and a whole host of other parameters that give you an immediate insight into how your business is performing.  

5. Integrating All Sales Activity in One Place

Finally, you want to make things as easy as possible for your sales team to not only access the right information but get support when they need it.  

One of the key benefits of Microsoft 365 CRM is the way it integrates the most important part of the software and brings everything from performance monitoring to intuitive, data-driven insights into the mix so that your sales team have the complete picture at all times.  

In short, Microsoft’s cutting-edge software provides a one-stop resource that is not only live and responsive but delivers the information and support that the sales team need to thrive and succeed.  

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