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Growth in Performance Management

Ever greater pressure to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and out compete are driving businesses to implement integrated performance management systems linking day-to-day decisions directly with business plans & objectives.

Business Process Measures focus on the need to remove waste as there are no longer ‘low hanging fruit’.

The need for collaborative decision making

Increasing value is generated by ‘knowledge’ workers who share decision making with their colleagues, as the consequences of poor decisions become more significant.

Decision making becomes a collaborative effort across groups and functions, requiring rapid assessment of data which itself is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Increasing focus on Risk and Compliance

Managing risk requires decisions based on data, to ensure they’re not arbitrary. Businesses need to prove that people in similar roles exercise similar, repeatable judgements.

This needs a mechanism to provide transparency to regulators, in a way that is able to identify & prevent fraud but doesn’t add significant cost and delay to operations.

Exploit existing investments

Many businesses are moving toward a single or set of integrated process support systems. They want to leverage these assets to ensure they are made to sweat.

BI can enable this by consolidating embedded knowledge and extending life cycles through managed migrations.

Historically BI has been the preserve of specialist analysts, but significant progress in end user flexibility (through improved ease of use and a feature-rich capability set) means BI is becoming ‘embedded’ in processes.

The pressure to find ongoing efficiency savings and react more quickly to change, means the benefits from predictive analysis are increasingly valuable.

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