New in 3PL Dynamics: Improve Addresses in TMS with Geo Coding

by | Nov 1, 2023 | 3PL Logistics

Drivers have to take a detour or are led to the wrong delivery address because the data in your software is incomplete or incorrect.

It will cost you extra kilometres and extra time, which affects the efficiency of your process. Furthermore, it will frustrate your employees. Therefore, it is crucial to capture addresses as completely as possible in your Transport Management System.

Paying extra attention to addresses that are incomplete or wrong is an absolute must! With the help of PTV software solutions (PTV) and 3PL Dynamics, you can calculate the geographic position of addresses, and you have immediate insights into the quality of these locations. This improves data, resulting in faster and more precise logistic services.

Capture coordinates on addresses

When you use the integration between PTV and 3PL Dynamics, you are already familiar with calculating coordinates based on addresses; you fill in the address, you send it to the PTV services, and you receive the computed coordinates back in your TMS. The software then uses these coordinates to calculate the most efficient routes. Easy!

Determine the quality of the geo position of your addresses

However, that is not all. Via the same integration, 3PL Dynamics receives a ‘Geo Code Score’. This score tells you more about the quality of the addresses, shown as a percentage. In other words, in your TMS, you see the match between the address and the found geographical position.

At the same time, a classification and detail level is determined, which offers more information about the quality of the geo position and address, from NOT_CLASSIFIED or LOW to EXACT or UNIQUE.

Take action on poor address information

This integration helps you to improve your master data quickly. For example, you can set up a cue (tile) on the role centre of Dynamics that shows all addresses below a specific score. In other words, all addresses with a lower quality. This then gives you the possibility to check and improve these addresses.

Tip from our consultant: Via the cue setups, you can automatically give the tile a colour when a particular value is reached. That way, the users are extra alerted that data needs to be checked. 

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