Microsoft RMS End of Life – What Now?

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Retail & Ecommerce

Back in 2015, Microsoft announced that their Retail Point of Sale solution – Microsoft RMS – would be retiring. The solution came off shelves for new customers in the latter half of 2016, but support continues for existing customers until July 2021.

Though it had been a highly successful solution in the past, RMS would have needed a considerable overhaul to match the standards of modern technology and UI design.

What Now?

For users of Microsoft RMS, there is no choice but to move to a new solution before 2021.

Microsoft recommends a transition to Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail for large-scale organisations or Retail Realm Essentials for SMB.

While Retail Realm Essentials replicates most of the features of RMS, making it seem a natural replacement, it is a lite POS solution built on a hefty AX base – the Retail Realm Essentials package shuts off much of the AX functionality you have paid for.

Dynamics AX doesn’t come cheap either and its full functionality would be overkill for any small business. For businesses with just one point of sale, Retail Realm Essentials may not scale down well at all.

The Alternative

An end-to-end scalable solution designed specifically for SMB.

Microsoft offers another Dynamics product, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. NAV is AX’s little sister, specifically built for small and midsize businesses.

Our solution is built on Dynamics NAV and is completely scalable to support just one brick-and-mortar store or incorporate ecommerce, warehousing, wholesale and much more.

You’ll be able to use the same system in your stores as in your head office, removing the need for a second accounting solution.


Interested? Learn more about what’s next for RMS users.

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