E-Commerce Challenges throughout the Pandemic

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Business Central, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Retail & Ecommerce

When covid-19 hit, it affected everyone around the globe. Last year was unpredictable for many businesses and challenges are still on the horizon. But when every other business was struggling to survive during the pandemic, one industry vertical thrived: E-Commerce. There has been a boom across the whole E-Commerce segment due to covid-19. People are preferring to shop online due to convenience and safety. Shops on the highstreet had to step-up their game to keep afloat in the market, leading to a greater focus on making E-Commerce work for their business model.

Although this seems like smooth sailing for E-Commerce businesses, they have experienced their own share of challenges due to the pandemic:

Increase in Demand & Delivery

One of the key challenges is the sudden increase in demand and the pressure of fulfilling the demand on time, making sure products are delivered faster than before. Another challenge was the changes in the distribution model. This made even small retail businesses get involved with e-commerce.

Mobile E-Commerce

People are preferring to shop online from their mobile phones rather than desktop or laptop. Therefore, it has become essential for businesses to enhance the customer experience of shopping on phone screens.

Globalisation & Localisation

Due to the increase in demand and pressure of surviving in the market, a lot of businesses had to expand their online presence to deliver products to as many parts of the world as possible. To ensure customers are satisfied, companies need to provide a hassle-free experience since languages, prices, and taxes differ from country to country. If a business operates globally, customers should have personalized access locally.
To overcome these challenges, your business needs to be organised and ready to adapt. With the right software, you can do much more than survive, you can grow exponentially in these tough times.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution which is ideal for small to medium sized organisations.

Below are just a few ways Business Central can meet your needs and help to grow your business.


Satisfy Customers

Business Central streamlines processes and accurately forecasts customer demands, helping you satisfy customers on time. On top of this, it creates a seamless, unified shopping experience for customers, increasing sales due to frictionless customer engagement.

Succeed on Any Device

Business Central also connects your business digitally, with in-store and back office operations on an omnichannel commerce platform. This empowers the customer’s decision-making process on any device by keeping track of how, when, and what they want to purchase. Also, this solution lets customers order online and pick up in-store or receive home delivery via connected ordering and fulfillment tools.

Capture Opportunities by utilizing AI

When it comes to globalisation & localisation, Business Central enables AI-driven intelligent commerce. Cross-sell and upsell products using AI-based recommendations that help customers quickly and easily discover products relevant to them. In addition, Business Central can interact or interchange data with API or webservices. AI-powered translations in Microsoft Translator allow users to get artificial intelligence-powered translations which saves a lot of time and money.

At Mercurius IT, we have helped e-commerce businesses grow exponentially with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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