Mercurius IT – June Newsletter 2023

by | Jun 26, 2023 | Mercurius IT, News

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Crowned Best ERP System of 2023 by Forbes Advisor, Endorsed by Microsoft Gold Partner Mercurius IT

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, has achieved the remarkable distinction of being named the best ERP system of 2023 by Forbes Advisor. This prestigious accolade, granted by Forbes Advisor Small Business, is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and the seamless integration of essential business functions. Mercurius IT, a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, proudly celebrates this recognition and stands ready to assist SMEs in unlocking the full potential of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Recorded Webinar

Improve your Warehouse Operations and Enhance Efficiency with Boltrics 3PL Dynamics 

Topics Covered:

  • Easy onboarding of new customer

  • Configuring complex warehouse processes with ease

  • Accurate invoicing

  • Integration to improve efficiency

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Here are the articles written in June:



Unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your plans and shake up your world. Consider the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which brought about a decline in certain industries while causing a surge in others. This event highlighted the significance of maintaining a strong competitive position and ensuring the health of your logistics company. 

What’s New – Power Platform

Exciting features like Copilot, Tenant Isolation, and Device Preview are now available. Power Apps updates announced at Build 2023. Trust, Maker, and End User Productivity improvements are ongoing.

What’s New – Managed Services

Read how to use Enhanced policy to configure Multiple Backups Per Day. Azure Backup now supports the Enhanced policy needed to support new Azure offerings. For example, Trusted Launch VM is supported with enhanced policy only. You must enable backup of Trusted Launch VM through enhanced policy only. 

What’s New – Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Sometimes people post incorrect quantities on transfer orders. For example, you may have made a transfer order with the incorrect number of items and posted it as shipped but not received. This feature lets you undo the quantity posting, make the necessary corrections, and then post the correct quantity.

Business Central Cloud Migration Promo

Last chance! Don’t miss out on our ending offer. Get a 40% discounted Cloud Migration Promo SKU for NAV customers moving to BC SaaS. Purchase now and lock in the price for three years. Hurry, the promo ends on June 30, 2023. Remember, Microsoft does not offer price guarantees. Choose from 1-year or three years subscription periods for SaaS pricing after the offer. Act fast!

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