Being in the project service industry requires you to be competitive, with the need to win new deals and accelerate delivery whilst increasing your profit margins, it can be a challenge. Having your teams feel disconnected by using separate systems which lack unity, force bottlenecks and reduce transparency throughout your business processes. What you need is a solution that unifies your employees, encourages a culture of collaboration and provides transparency into all aspects of your operations helping you deliver profitable projects on time and on budget, every time. 

What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations? 

This new Dynamics 365 application unifies your business processes to provide complete visibility and insight helping you drive your teams to success. Builds on Microsofts depth of expertise and existing systems to provide comprehensive functionality across all aspects of project operations. The app is built on Microsofts Power Platform and provides extensive capabilities that enable you to automate processes across your organisation, helping transform your business.  

How does Project Operations work with other Dynamics 365 applications? 

Project operations can be used on its own, however it is highly expandable and seamlessly integrated to any of the other Dynamics 365 modules including Human Resources, Customer Service, Business Central Sales and more, as well as any other custom PowerApps solutions that you may be using. Being cloud-based you get complete security, privacy and complianceas well as the flexibility to effortlessly scale up. Dynamics 365 also provides a unified data experience meaning all data is up-to-date and synced across all users, no matter what device or where they’re connecting from. 

How Project operations can help your teams 

Collaboration  –  Give your teams access to tools that encourage collaboration and make it easier to work together, with visibility into all processes in the same place. Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams means your employees have a shared social space with calling, messaging and document management capabilities to allow teams to work together and drive business outcomes.

Insight  –  Get detailed insight into your business performance with Power BI, helping you eliminate data silos, predict future outcomes with AI and utilise easy-to-interpret dashboards and reports that can be shared to make data-backed decisions for your business.

Visibility  –  Project Operations enables speedy project delivery with precision tracking of project costs, timely billing and resource optimisation. Helping align the correct people with the right skills to the right projects helping decrease lead time, increase profitability and ensure project success. Utilise the familiar, easy-to-use capabilities of Microsoft Project to align and improve your project visibility to everyone involved.

When will Dynamics 365 Project Operations be available? 

 Dynamics 365 Project Operations is still currently in development and no official release date has been set. However, judging from Microsoft’s 2020 release wave 1 document it seems that we can expect Project Operations to be publicly available from August/September – although this is subject to change 


Until thenyou can familiarise yourself with any of the other powerful Dynamics 365 applications to learn how the platform aligns with your business and can set you up for future success. 

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