Effectively Managing Customer Data with Privacy Policies in 3PL Dynamics.

by | Nov 16, 2023 | 3PL Logistics

In today’s dynamic landscape, cybersecurity and privacy have become paramount concerns. Addressing these concerns in industries where personal data is deeply embedded in operational processes is non-negotiable. Inherently data-driven logistics necessitates a meticulous approach to handling customer data.

As a logistics service provider, ensuring the correct handling of customer data is crucial. Questions like who can access the data in your software and how long customer data remains visible are of utmost importance. Safeguarding customer privacy is made seamless through the automated data protection features embedded in the Privacy Policy of 3PL Dynamics.

Napoleon Ng, Vice President Legal, Asia Pacific, DHL Group, emphasises, “Data protection is not a static set of rules and regulations. It continues to evolve and expand, often at a swift pace. The logistics sector must always be alert for emerging privacy issues and trends, such as new cybersecurity technology, privacy principles surrounding ‘big data,’ and anti-spam legislation.”

Anonymous Data Management in Your Logistics Software

In the 3PL Dynamics platform, fields that have not been utilised for a specified period can be automatically hidden. This proactive measure ensures that customer, contact, or supplier data is not needlessly exposed. For instance, if an address has not been used for an extended period, the system can automatically anonymise the field according to the Privacy Policy settings. Users have the flexibility to determine when and which fields should be concealed, providing peace of mind once the configurations are in place.

How to Establish Your Privacy Policy

Setting up a privacy policy in 3PL Dynamics is a straightforward process that enables the automatic hiding of addresses or contact details when the defined retention period expires. When users opt to anonymise addresses, the system comprehensively searches all relevant tables containing address fields, considering their usage within the specified retention period. Users retain control, deciding which fields require scrutiny.

Watch the tutorial video below for a step-by-step guide on configuring your Privacy Policy:

Elevating Your Privacy Policy

While the tutorial video provides a solid foundation for implementing a Privacy Policy, maximising its functionality requires additional tips:

Take a Tour: Initiate a step-by-step tour to comprehensively understand the Privacy Policy Card’s fields. Click on the ‘Privacy Policy Card’ on the card view and click on the name of each field for additional insights.


Always Check the Preview: Ensure the system reacts as anticipated before executing the policy on all records. Use ‘Preview Records to Anonymize’ to verify the expected outcome before inadvertently deleting critical data.

Delete Unused Lines: Delete tables not utilised in your processes to optimise performance when initialising the lines. This ensures the policy only operates on tables essential for anonymisation.

Utilise Job Queues: Given the potential time-consuming nature of anonymising fields from multiple tables, schedule policy execution during off-hours using job queues to minimise disruption during business hours.

Data as a Driving Factor for Logistics Processes

Recognising that data is fundamental to logistics, 3PL Dynamics’ Privacy Policy safeguards sensitive information and empowers businesses to leverage data for operational enhancement. Explore the potential of data utilisation in logistics by referring to our whitepaper, ‘How to Turn Your Company into a Data-Driven Organisation.’

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