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Make decisions based on transactional data. Monitor progress based on matrices you can trust.

If the processes and workflows of your business are its arms and legs, then BI solutions are the senses that feed its mind with information.

It’s what helps you manage and interpret feedback about your business, its environment, your customers and suppliers and your internal operations. You need this to understand how best to manage and improve performance or prepare for and adapt to change.

Recent advances in Business Intelligence now allow a much broader range of businesses and end users to benefit from a more sophisticated set of capabilities and applications. Tools include enhanced reports, queries, dashboards, graphical & interactive analysis, what ifs, alerts and decision automation. These improvements also include tools which make the processes of data extraction, manipulation, consolidation and load much easier than in the past.

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Mercurius IT are specialists in the design and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions and the integration of them into effective day-to-day decision making.

  • Over the past decade, BI has come of age, in many industries, it is now an organisational must have.
  • The global market for BI has grown at a compound rate of more than 12% over the past five years and has outstripped growth in the UK’s GDP by a factor of 4, a trend that is predicted to continue well into the future. You only have to consider why this growth wasn’t impacted by the recession to spot the value.
  • BI has become a widely-adopted new tool for managing and improving business performance both in the short and longer term.

Let Mercurius IT help you make, smarter decisions, faster.

Industry specific solutions

Increasingly, many of the capabilities of BI are available in preconfigured solutions to reduce implementation costs and accelerate time to value. While they may require some tailoring to your specific requirements, they have industry best practice embedded within them.

Some examples include:

For Retail

Sales analysis, On-shelf availability analysis, trade promotion effectiveness

For Banking

Enterprise risk reporting, Planning and consolidation

For Telecommunications

Customer analysis and retention

For Healthcare

Quality management, Planning and consolidation

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Get an overview of the exciting new features and tools available for Microsoft Power BI: live and real-time dashboards, interactive visual reports, Power BI Desktop, mobile apps, and much more.

Power Platform works better together

Power Pages integrates seamlessly with other applications in the Power Platform, helping build end-to-end business solutions. 


Power Pages

Empower individuals to effortlessly create, host, and manage low-code business websites.

Power Apps

Power Apps

Create no/low-code custom mobile and web apps to share & collect data and streamline business processes

Power Automate

Power Automate

Streamlining tasks and business processes by build automated using low-code drag-drop tools.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents

Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees—no coding required. Enables teams to easily create and publish AI-driven chatbot experiences



Allows you to securely store and manage data that’s used by business applications and  your Power Pages sites. Use model-driven app constructs like forms, views, charts, and dashboards to easily surface Dataverse data.

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