How to process increasing fuel costs in your logistics software

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Logistics

Fuel prices fluctuate daily. However, we can conclude that over the past year the prices for both petrol and diesel have risen immensely. A development that has a direct impact on your business. Because your trucks kept on going. And your carriers probably also “just” passed on the increased costs. So, make sure the extra costs do not affect your already tight margins. Make sure your prices are up-to-date and calculate fuel surcharges in your customer contracts. How? With a fuel clause in 3PL Dynamics, you can easily add surcharges when the fuel costs change. In this blog, we show you how to set it up yourself.

Deal with increased fuel prices in your contracts

Fuel surcharges are very common in the transport industry. The surcharge is applied when the fuel prices are different than the prices you used when setting the transport rates. Together with the share of fuel costs in the total costs, it forms the percentage that you charge your customers: the fuel surcharge.

Via TMS or WMS contracts, you capture the rates in 3PL Dynamics. You state what you charge for transportation. And therefore what surcharge must be calculated for fuel or energy costs too. However, you do not want to manually change the rates when the fuel prices change. That is where the fuel clauses offer a solution.

Apply Fuel charges in 3PL Dynamics

By adding a clause to your contracts in 3PL Dynamics, you can simply calculate a percentage of the total amount that you charge your customers as a surcharge. In the video below, you learn how to create such a clause for rising fuel costs.

More information?

Do you want to apply fuel surcharges in your system? But do you need help setting up the clauses? Contact us here. We are glad to help you out!

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