7 Benefits of Power BI in Your Business 

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Power Platform

Microsoft’s Power Platform offers several cutting-edge tools for businesses. One of these is Power BI (Business Intelligence) which gives you access to a range of powerful analytics software that helps you stay competitive in a fast-changing world.  

Mercurius IT has a long-standing partnership with Microsoft and has helped introduce businesses of all types and sizes to the potential of tools such as Power BI. If you’d like to find out more, contact our professional team today to start a conversation 

What is Microsoft Power BI?    

Keeping track of every metric for your business can be complicated and messy. Interpreting that data so that you can make informed decisions can be even more challenging.

But keeping data and interpretations in one place and having an overall view is vital to your understanding of what is happening with your business.  

Microsoft Power BI gives you the ability to analyse data in real time and produce reports including interactive evaluations that have an immediate impact on your knowledge and understanding.

It even allows you to automate certain decisions in your business, saving you both time and money.  

The 7 Benefits of Power BI 

Good business intelligence has become an integral part of success in today’s competitive world. Technological solutions like Microsoft’s Power BI provide a wide range of important benefits: 

1.Intelligence for Your Entire Business

It’s not just your sales and invoices that Power BI keep track of. If there is something that can be measured then any part of your business could be included in your metrics.  

This gives you a full understanding of how every corner of your business is operating. It encourages better decision-making and should help promote quicker and more sustainable growth in competitive markets. 

2. Bringing Your Data to Life

If you’re not a data specialist, facts and figures can be hard to decipher. Many businesses have huge tracts of data that they don’t know how to interpret and use for the betterment of their organisation.  

Power BI delivers cutting-edge graphics that bring your facts and figures to life giving you a clear idea of what everything means. It puts your business into the context of what has gone before and where you are now and where you need to be in the future. 

3. Understand How Your Business Works

Power BI gives you the chance to understand how your business works at a much deeper level. Creating a data-driven culture will make sure that everyone is following the same information and working toward the same end. It can define growth plans and help bring everyone on board. 

4. Set KPIs and Boost Growth

You can set numerous KPIs for your business and monitor them live, receiving reports at the touch of a button.

The data informs you about whether a particular goal is being or is likely to be met, for example, and can be contrasted with competition data so you know hwer your company stands. 

5. Draw on a Wealth of Big Data

It’s not just the data you produce that helps you make better decisions. Power BI gives you access to big data sources from around the globe. These further refine and develop your knowledge to give you greater insight. 

6. Ensure Your Data is Secure

Of course, you want to make sure your data is and will remain secure at all times.

With tools such as Microsoft App Security and Information Protection, you can set the parameters and safeguard your information.

This is essential if your business needs to meet regulatory and privacy laws where you operate and also gives you complete peace of mind. 

7.Find the Answers with Cutting Edge AI

The key reason many businesses choose Power BI is that it is backed by state-of-the-art AI that helps you uncover information from both structured and unstructured data, giving you a more complete picture of how your business is operating at any one time.  

Why Partner with Mercurius IT 

We’ve spent 15 years delivering state-of-the-art innovation to our business clients around the world. Partnering with Microsoft Power Platform means we offer the latest in data-driven tools, designed to release the shackles and forge a path for your business over the next decade and beyond.  

Want to find out more? Start a conversation with the team at Mercurius IT today 

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