4 Reasons why your third-party logistics business needs 3PL Dynamics

by | May 29, 2019 | Logistics

As a business in the third-party logistics industry you have customers and clients relying on your services, so using a warehouse management system (WMS) that restricts your productivity and doesn’t contain the functionality you expect isn’t going to help you succeed. In our fast-paced society customers are expecting lower delivery costs, shorter lead times and accurate, up-to-date information at a moment’s notice – but how will you do that if the software you depend on isn’t up to scratch…

That’s where we’re here to help.

In this blog post we will explore 4 of the top reasons as to why Boltrics 3PL Dynamics is the only WMS you’ll need to improve and automate your warehouse processes whilst reducing your administrative burden.


1. Modular Solution

One of the biggest benefits of 3LP Dynamics is that the solution is completely modular, allowing you to support the entirety of your warehousing activities with little to no customisation necessary, helping keep the total cost of ownership down. There is a large selection of modules available that have been developed to enable functionality for all aspects of the third-party logistics sector, making it a suitable solution for anyone in this industry. 3PL Dynamics allows you to incorporate all of your primary business processes into a single platform with a quick and easy deployment. The modular design ensures upgrades are easy and allows you to pick-and-choose the modules you need and add more on as you go to enhance the solution further.

(see the complete module list here for more detail)

2. Seamless Integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Another stand out feature of 3PL Dynamics is its seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Business Central is a market-leading ERP that controls your back-end processes such as financials, CRM, supply chain management and more. Business Central can be deployed as a cloud, on-premises, hybrid or SaaS solution – helping it suit any businesses preference. As a Microsoft solution you can enjoy the familiar easy-to-use layout and quick learning curve, as well as integration with other products in the Microsoft ecosystem including Outlook, Excel, SharePoint and the Power Platform

3.Customer accessibility

To increase productivity and customer service levels even further, 3PL Dynamics comes with a web portal which provides up-to-date information about orders, invoices, goods-in & goods-out (on product/batch level) and changes in inventories. On top of this, you can also offer your customers detailed reports at any time using real-time updated data and allow them to enter orders through the web portal. This self-service tool helps reduce the number of phone calls and emails from customers, increasing satisfaction and enhancing the productivity of your business and theirs.

4.Reporting & Analytics

We all know how important data is now – not only for you as a business to check your performance but also for your customers to gain insights into theirs as well. That’s where 3PL Dynamics extensive reporting & analytics capabilities come into play. Thanks to Microsoft Power BI you can understand your performance and learn about your business in depth – allowing you to continually improve your operation. Power BI seamlessly integrates with Business Central and 3PL Dynamics to present your data in real-time and Boltrics have created pre-made reports to get you up and running quickly and gain detailed insights into all aspects of your operation.

These are just a few of the reasons as to why 3PL Dynamics is the best WMS solution around, we have plenty more if you’re interested in deploying the solution yourself! If you’d like to learn more head to our web page or alternatively, give us a call on 01908508080 or email [email protected]

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