AI is becoming increasingly utilised in our work and lives to help enhance the way we go about things—making them easier to do and also give us a perspective that we as humans may not have seen. This is what Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI was designed for.

Microsoft has developed AI add-ons for the Dynamics 365 suite that turn your data into insights and actions, helping give you a unified view of your customers, products & people to uncover new opportunities and take your business that next step into the future.

 There are currently three AI insights apps that Microsoft have released for Dynamics 365: Sales Insights, Customer Insights and Customer Service Insights. In this blog post, we will explore some of the functionality of each of these apps so you can see how they can improve the way you work.


What is Dynamics 365 Sales Insights?

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights has been developed to enable sales teams to build better relationships, minimise tedious tasks and improve the way they work with in-built coaching tools and AI Insights.

The Sales Insights add-on perfectly compliments Dynamics 365 for Sales and the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement plan to improve your productivity with key functionalities including:

  • Understand & analyse conversations to see what methods are most successful with specific customers—allowing you to replicate and refine strategies across entire teams.
  • Stay ahead of the market with competitor insights
  • Use Machine Learning to prioritise leads that are more likely to convert and flag at-risk deals
  • Utilise AI-guided next best steps and talking points
  • Get contextual, real-time prompts as you’re entering notes
  • Monitor and nurture customer relationships with a relationship health score based on unified data from Dynamics 365, Office 365 and LinkedIn

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights Lead Scoring Screenshot

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights allows you to take the way you serve customers to the next level. As the service you provide is so important and customer expectations are always rising, giving your business an advantage by using AI to influence the way you work is important to staying ahead. Customer Service Insights uses AI and Machine Learning to ensure you get a comprehensive view of your customers and performance, as well as understanding the best approach to resolving issues. Key features of the add-on include:

  • Get a full understanding of customer satisfaction score (CSAT) drivers
  • Automated grouping of related support cases into ‘topics’—with dashboards allowing you to identify problem areas, improve resolution rates and adapt to trends.
  • Highlight areas of improvement that can have the greatest impacts, allowing you to quickly evaluate and respond to KPIs and customer satisfaction levels.
  • View and analyse various dashboards for KPIs, new cases, resolutions, customer satisfaction and topic details.
  • Visualise customer engagement patterns, agent performance and customer service operations using dashboards with built-in AI, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights KPI Dashboard

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an end-to-end customer data platform (CDP) that has been developed to let you understand your customers in more depth—helping your marketing, sales and service professionals deliver personalised experiences at every interaction. As your customer data is generally scattered across a variety of sources, Customer Insights easily amalgamates this data and utilise AI and Machine Learning to get a ‘360-degree’ view of your customers as well as detailed insights and recommendations to help you provide the highest level of service. Other features of the add-on include:

  • Ensure your data is secure with corporation-ready security, built-in governance tools and full GDPR compliance.
  • Extend the application with tools such as PowerApps, Flow, Azure services and Power BI to create detailed dashboards and reports of your data.
  • Drive operational excellence and instantly respond to customer actions and signals with workflows
  • Discover and create new audience segments and empower teams with directly embedded profiles and insights.
  • Use quick-start machine learning templates to predict churn and next best actions.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - profile view

How much does Dynamics 365 AI insights cost?

Following the normal licensing methodology of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 product suite, a subscription license is the only way to purchase any of the three D365 AI Apps.

  • Sales Insights — from £37.70 per user/month (includes 3 hours/users/month of conversation intelligence)
  • Customer Service Insights — £56.60 per user/month (Up to 100,000 cases per license)
  • Customer Insights — from £1,131.10 per tenant/month (Includes 100,000 profiles)


We hope this has shed some light on what the Dynamics 365 AI add-ons are designed for and who they can help. If you are a Dynamics user who is interested in taking your business into the future with one of these solutions, please do not hesitate to give us a call, drop an email or simply leave us a comment below.