6 Things You Need to Know Before Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Business Central, Dynamics NAV Upgrade, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Webinar

We often find businesses using Microsoft Dynamics NAV but they’re delaying an upgrade due to unanswered questions.

To shed more light on upgrading to Business Central, let’s go through some common misconceptions.

I will not benefit from upgrading
Business Central is the most modern, intelligent ERP solution that Microsoft has released. Yearly releases have been replaced with bi-annual updates, allowing you to keep utilising the latest functionality. Business Central has been developed to increase productivity and provide real value for your business, with a deep integration to other Microsoft applications such as the Power Platform & Office 365.

Furthermore, Business Central is always compliant to new legislations such as Brexit, MTD and GDPR, which legacy NAV versions are not.

An upgrade is too risky

We have seen over the past year that it is critical to be flexible, but this is not possible with legacy ERP versions.

All our developments follow the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly. Our experienced teams have completed many upgrade projects and communicate with you closely to understand your challenges and goals.

My system is customised and I need to keep my customisations
This is a common concern about upgrading ERP systems and unique customisations can make upgrades a little challenging. However, this does not stop you from being able to upgrade to the latest Microsoft ERP.

We complete detailed assessments to ensure your upgrade is planned properly and you have the exact functionality you need. With Business Central, customisations can even be carried over as Extensions!

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I cannot afford to upgrade

If you are up to date on your BREP payments, license costs are eliminated when upgrading to Dynamics 365 Business Central. All you need to cover is the cost of implementation, support, and any training that is involved.

Thanks to our unique blend of offshore & onshore teams and Fixed Price Nav Upgrade offer, our prices almost always come in lower than other competitors, with upgrade bills going down by over 60% in the past.

Upgrades are too daunting for users
Business Central does come with a new User Interface, but it has been designed to help users increase their productivity with easier navigation throughout the application – making it quicker than a legacy system that is years old.

It’s normal that users might be daunted by a new interface, so we involve end-users throughout the entire project to ensure they are comfortable with the system before go-live.

I do not trust moving to the cloud

ERP deployments are unique for each business, but the cloud is becoming the norm. Security is normally the number 1 concern for those who do not trust moving to the cloud. However, advances in technology have led to many sophisticated methods which encrypt your data and use firewalls to ensure maximum security.

Moving to the cloud used to be very expensive, making it cheaper to purchase and maintain your own in-house servers. Technology has improved since then and with the cloud being such an integral part of the internet, implementing cloud hosting is now much more cost effective.

Want to know more about the differences between Cloud and On-Premises ERPs?
We compare the two approaches in a previous blog.

At Mercurius IT, we have plenty of industry knowledge to make your upgrade journey as seamless as possible. Check below other blog posts related to upgrading your NAV system.

We also hosted a webinar about upgrading to Business Central.

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