Unplanned Count

Ad-hoc counting of inventory with feature unplanned count in Mobile WMS

Unplanned Count

The process of counting your business’ physical inventory is often a very resource-intensive task, but it does not have to be.

If you are still doing your count based on pen and paper, you can achieve great benefits and advantages with a scanner solution. The paper-based counting procedure typically consists of doing a manual count, taking note of the quantity on printed lists, and then finally entering this information into the financial system. That type of procedure requires a high number of man-hours and is generally very prone to errors.

Furthermore, many businesses perform multiple count cycles over the course of the year, which only adds to the reasons why changing to an automated way of handling your counts is a good idea.

Count in Mobile WMS supports:

  • Automating unplanned counts
  • Minimizing the number of errors in your warehouse
  • Real-time counting in your financial system

Real-Time Counting that is Registered in Your Financial System

Mobile WMS offers two types of counts: ‘Planned Count’, which is typically your physical inventory count, and ‘Unplanned Count’, which is often used for ad-hoc counting.

As opposed to the planned count, the unplanned count will be directly registered in the financial system the moment the count is performed (real-time counting). If this is not suitable for your business or the specific scenario, you should choose to do a planned count instead.

You will achieve great flexibility as you can perform your counts ad-hoc when it fits into your busy schedule.
Our recommendation is to only use this feature when also considering that the item could be reserved for a different process. It could be a Planned Move, or an order that has been released for picking.

Define Which Employees Should Have Access to Unplanned Count

In case you do not want all your warehouse employees to have access to this count feature, or other similar features, you have the option to define groups of user types in your financial system, and to then manage the rights of the individual user or user type.

Mobile WMS ensures that the performed count is validated based on a requirement to scan the item bin as well as the item barcode.

Errors related to a manual counting procedure are very resource-intensive and costly. With Mobile WMS you can ensure that the count is validated and that you maintain a high inventory accuracy rate.