Item Dimension

The Feature Item Dimension in Mobile WMS Makes It Easy to Record Dimension Data on Your Items
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Item Dimension

Having a disciplined approach to your item data is critical when you are looking to enrich your items with data that can serve multiple purposes.

Item Dimension in Mobile WMS supports:

  • The possibility to register different information about the dimensions of items when receiving these without having received the goods previously
  • Information about dimensions is automatically forwarded to Item Unit of Measures in your financial system
  • It will be easier and faster to get shipping prices based on quickly available information about item dimensions
  • Intelligent picking of items in your warehouse

Record Data on Dimensions of Goods Upon Receipt – Even on Items You Have Not Received Previously

Imagine that your shipping department needs the item dimensions to book the shipping.

In Mobile WMS this data can already be registered as part of the receipt of the item, even if you have never previously received this item. It is possible to register a variety of different data on the item, such as the length of the item, the height of the item, the width of the item, and the weight of the item. When this information is registered, it is automatically stored on the item card in your financial system. From here it is possible for the employee, who is booking the shipping, to get an exact price of the shipment from your shipping partner and to complete the invoice to the customer immediately.

Item Dimensions on the Individual Items Directly from the BC/NAV or PIM System

Mobile WMS supports multiple Unit of Measure Codes. You can therefore choose between registering quantities in for example pieces, boxes, pallets, weight, hours, or other Unit of Measure Codes on your items.

It is our experience that especially our customers within eCommerce (webshops) see great advantages in getting this type of data on a single item from their financial system or from their PIM (Product Information Management) system.
When you have your item dimensions in order, it is also possible for you to perform an intelligent pick of your items. What this means is that your financial system can be configured so that the warehouse employee will always pick the larger/heavier items first and then continue with the smaller/lighter items afterwards.

In case you also prefer to take a picture of your items this is possible as well. With the Attach Image feature, you can utilize the camera in your mobile scanner to take a picture and then send this back to the financial system. The image is then stored on the item card.

Should you want to store an image via other features, this is also possible through a shortcut from many of the other features in Mobile WMS.