Sales Forecast Calculation


A Mercurius IT customer had been calculating the sales forecast using Excel and their process was user-dependent with chances of human error. The manual process was unable to recognize sales trends based on the customer item sales history data. In addition, they were unable to calculate the sales forecast based on customer-item combination. Striving to provide a solution which met all their needs led to the creation of the Sales Forecast Calculation Module.

The Solution

Mercurius IT has developed a Sales Forecast Calculation Module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central. The focus of this module is to improve the accuracy of sales forecast calculation as well as defining customer specific information. It is useful for any industry but is particularly suited for businesses working in manufacture and distribution.

Features and Benefits

    • Generate Customer-Item specific sales history data based on the predefined business rules.
    • Define customer specific forecast calculation formulas.
    • Define customer specific obsolete items. System will assign sales history of obsolete products to new product.
    • Generate sales history data using predefined forecast templates
    • Assign weightage to sales history data
    • Define customer specific sales forecast calculation formula
    • Define customer specific obsolete items

Technology Stack

  • Core Modules: Dynamics NAV/ Business Central Add On that enhances “Sales Forecast Functionality” of Sales & Operational Planning Process
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