Remove costly errors from your warehouse with Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Business Central, Wholesale & Distribution

Warehousing is a cornerstone in any physical goods business with supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction at stake, relying on your ability to handle and deliver the right items at the right time and place. Our partner Tasklet Factory knows that many companies are challenged in doing so by the heavy manual and paper-based processes – e.g., the receive, put-away, count, move and pick of items – characterising dynamic warehouse environments.

Having people noting on paper sheets and moving to desktops to type in data is not just a major time-suck it also leads to errors like misplacements of items, wrong shipments, and inaccurate data in your ERP system. These well-known pain points are the foundation that the super user-friendly barcode scanning solution Mobile WMS is built on, helping businesses with:

Drastically reducing errors when replacing pen and paper with handheld barcode scanners and Mobile WMS designed to display data directly from the ERP on the device, putting guidance and control of warehousing actions in the hands of the warehouse workers.

Increase efficiency of your warehouse employees. The extensive hours that warehouse employees spend on writing, ticking, or making notations on paper and then rekeying into the ERP is as good as gone after digitalisation of the processes.

Improve warehouse accuracy with real-time data and controlled actions. Through barcode scanning and validation of actions on the spot, you will see the figures in the ERP system be more consistent with the actual warehouse balance. This means that not only will your warehouse employees be more efficient, but everyone working with the data from the warehouse (Purchasing, Business intelligence, Sales, etc.) will have smoother, faster, and more valid dataflow.

Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS solution integrates directly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems NAV and Business Central.

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